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23 May 2017

Why It Is So Hard to Climb Out of Poverty

If you are broke, you already know that there are about a hundred reasons why climbing out of poverty is a challenge. Jobs are hard to come by these days, and those you are offered may pay less than a living wage as income inequality continues to rise. To top

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04 Apr 2017

Chinese Medicine and Healing Foods At the Asian Art Museum

Your chance to learn about Chinese medicine as well as sample Chinese healing foods curated by the experts!

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15 Feb 2017

The Most Unique Noodle Shop in San Francisco

It’s different. Flavors and styles from multiple traditions, ‘Noodle Me’ is letting customers experiment with combinations. You want thick ramen noodles in your pho? Or maybe gluten-free rice noodles in your vegan sesame miso soup? Maybe…

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23 Sep 2016

The Best Old School Party Games You Still Want To Play

Remember making these paper footballs? No? Well here’s some instructions on how to fold properly. As you can see you can make the goal posts out on of nearly anything, you can even make a ‘U’ with your owns hands in front of your face, which gives the field goal kicker the added bonus of hitting you in the forehead everytime they split the uprights.

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20 Sep 2016

The Music at Folsom Street Fair is Pretty Awesome This Year

Along with sex positive performances, exhibitions & parties, the food, the drinks, & the beautiful SF Freaks. There is are some fucking great bands performing as well

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09 Aug 2016

Hollywood Elites, Broadway Stars, & World Class Writers @ the JCCSF this Fall

Hamilton’s very own Tony Award winning ‘breakneck rapper’ & all around incredible performer Daveed Diggs will be part of Arts & Ideas at the JCCSF. Also Hollywood legend Jeff Bridges is coming to play, and CNN’s W. Kamau Bell will arrive to broadcast his show live.  NPR’s bad-ass correspondent Nina Totenberg will be there (she

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17 May 2016

Finally, a Dating App That Let’s You Go on an Actual Date

By this point you’ve already heard about Happn. Hell, you probably heard about it on this very site. But just in case you haven’t, Happn is the dating app that uses unique real-time, hyper-geolocation technology, to connect people when their paths cross in real life. This means that you can finally connect with that person you

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03 May 2016

Are Cheaper Housing Solutions Worth The Risk?

In recent years more and more alternative housing and transportation startups have been popping up in the press. These companies offer cheaper transportation options such as Uber and less expensive hotel and extended stay alternatives like Airbnb. In the current NYC furnished apartment market, more options have become available for

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