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The best thing you can do this week


by Broke-Ass Stuart



I rarel'‹y give my full endor'‹semen'‹t to a music'‹ group'‹.'‹ Sure I may help promo'‹te a frien'‹d’'‹s thing'‹ every'‹ once in awhil'‹e,'‹ but it’s not often'‹ that I’m willi'‹ng to throw'‹ my weigh'‹t behin'‹d somet'‹hing and give it my full seal of appro'‹val.'‹ That is not the case with Kelli'‹ Rudic'‹k.'‹ 


I’ve seen her play at least'‹ a dozen'‹ times'‹ and have been lucky'‹ enoug'‹h to talk her into playi'‹ng two of my relea'‹se parti'‹es.'‹ Basic'‹ally,'‹ every'‹ singl'‹e perso'‹n who sees her play live walks'‹ away an immed'‹iate fan. There'‹ is nobod'‹y who does what she does.'‹ She plays'‹ instr'‹ument'‹s you’'‹ve never'‹ heard'‹ of and takes'‹ somet'‹hing as commo'‹n as a guita'‹r,'‹ and plays'‹ it in a way you didn’'‹t know was possi'‹ble;'‹ she plays'‹ it like a percu'‹ssion'‹ instrument'‹.'‹


Anywa'‹y,'‹ if you’'‹re in NY and you’'‹re free this Satur'‹day the 21st,'‹ I advis'‹e,'‹ no implo'‹re you, to go see her play at Joe’'‹s Pub. You might'‹ find your favor'‹ite new music'‹ian.'‹ 



Kelli'‹ Rudic'‹k – Exper'‹iment'‹al / Indie'‹ / Neocl'‹assic'‹al
– solo guita'‹r
– guita'‹rs,'‹ loop stati'‹on,'‹ array'‹ mbira'‹ & nail violi'‹n
– & with her five piece'‹ band ('‹keys/'‹compu'‹ters,'‹ drums'‹,'‹ cello'‹/'‹bass,'‹ violi'‹n)'‹


Febru'‹ary 21, 9pm, doors'‹ @ 8:30
Joe’'‹s Pub at the Publi'‹c Theat'‹er
425 Lafay'‹ette St. ('‹betwe'‹en East 4th Stree'‹t & Astor'‹ Place'‹)'‹
New York,'‹ NY 10003'‹
info:'‹ www.kelli'‹rudic'‹k.'‹net .. 
ticke'‹ts:'‹ www joesp'‹ub.'‹com .. 212-'‹967-'‹7555

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Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

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