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“Boozin’ and Tomfoolery” And Cheap Wowch

Big, galactic high-five to MyOpenBar (which I’m always ready to give) for listing tonight’s sarty (sale-party) of Wowch stuff at I Heart.   I don’t actually care about the clothes, but the Wowch seems to be a legend.  I’m not talking about whatever cultish fame he/she ( I don’t even know!) may have.  I’m basing that solely on the posts on the Wowch blog about a  t-shirt design being ripped off in Pineapple Express by James Franco.  Friggin’ great, great stuff.


Anyway, on temporarily inflicted man-crush blindness, I’m saying “go to the party.”  MyOpenBar lists the motivations as such:

– boozin’

– tomfoolery

– Wowch stuff on super-sale ranging from $10 to $30, including kinda never before seen Fall/Winter 2009 designs and one-of-a-kind gems

– DJ appearances by the remaining members of The Rapture

– low-priced on-the-spot caricature drawings provided by J Penry (he’s famous!)

– hot chicks


Additional FYI, I Heart is closing on May 24th, for goody, so there are massive markdowns on all items until then.


When: Today (May 20th) 4-8 pm

Where: I Heart (262 Mott Street btw Houston and Prince)

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Oliver Hartman - Resident Bargain Whorespondent

Oliver Hartman - Resident Bargain Whorespondent

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