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Then theres the Broke way.

Then there's the Broke way.

So I’ve decided to start an advice column here on Broke-Ass Stuart’s Goddamn Website called Poor Advice.  Think of it as Dear Abby with a drinking problem.  Basically, this is where your questions get answered and nothing is taboo.  And generally speaking, the best piece of advice I can give you is not to follow any of the advice I give you.*


So are you trying to figure out why it burns when you pee?  Do you wonder if your ex-girlfriend is sending mixed signals by getting that restraining order?  Not sure what the etiquette is for the morning after you blackout and piss your buddy’s futon?  Even if you just want to know where to get $5 dumplings for a dollar in New York’s Chinatown, I’ve got your problem solved.


Now is your chance to get all the questions you’ve been afraid to ask answered.  Just go here and send me your questions and I will answer a few of them every week.  Looking forward to hearing from you depraved motherfuckers.           



*I will not be responsible for any stupid shit you may do after reading the advice column.



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Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

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