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Super Cheap Early Season Baseball Tickets

The Giants had "Lou Seal" years before Arrested Development

Baseball is America’s pastime, duh. But not all of us actually care about what’s going on down there on the grass. Some of us just go for beer and peanuts and sunshine. I am certainly one of those people, but now that I don’t work in a fancy office where the boss is super excited to give away his shitty nosebleed seats every week, I don’t really make it out to baseball games so much. (Because of how I have to pay for tickets.)

But part of the reason (I think) baseball is a great sport that all Americans can enjoy is that there are just so many games – like 160 of them a year or something. Which means half the time there are empty seats, which in turn means cheap tickets for you and retarded bobblehead giveaways for the kids. Since the season starts sometime around now, and like… June or whenever you can get in on the early season deals before the Giants go on some massive win streak and prices go up. (Alternatively, they might lose a whole lot and mid-summer tickets will be even cheaper.) Anyhow, is one of my go-to sites for finding cheap baseball tickets, so here are a couple highlights from upcoming games, but you might want to check around elsewhere for deals too. (Or sit at the bar across the street for 2 or 3 innings and pick up whatever the scalpers are trying to unload for cheap.)

Atlanta Braves vs. SF Giants
Sunday, April 11. 1:05pm
$19 on Goldstar

It’s AT&T Park’s 10th anniversary and if there’s anything locals have learned in the past ten years (besides finally warming up to calling it “AT&T Park”) it’s that night games are fucking cold if you’re there past 7:30pm. That’s why a leisurely Sunday afternoon game is a great alternative to your usual park-sitting activities. $19 bucks isn’t the cheapest ticket on the planet, but definitely worth it if you’re making a yearly pilgrimage to McCovey cove. Tuck some mini-bottles in your socks and you’re good to go.

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. SF Giants
Wednesday, April 14th. 12:45pm
$5 on Goldstar

If you’re not working on a Wednesday, and the weather is nice, this is definitely a steal at $5. The downside? Well, you have to sit through a game with against the Pirates, but you weren’t really going to watch anyway, were you?

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Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

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