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FREE Beetlejuice Screening at Dolores Park Movie Night

Free Winona!

The week after a short holiday week can be rough. Friday seems extra far away, Thursday feels like the weekend should be here already, and weird, unexpected shit starts to happen like a broke guy throwing a huge pub crawl. Which is why you shouldn’t get too anxious and blow your weekly party wad on some mediocre Thursday night happy hour special. Instead, win some brownie points and make up for how drunk and obnoxious you’re going to be tomorrow night by taking your little snookums out for some quality time in Dolores Park tonight

As I’m sure you know, Dolores Park movie night is the second Thursday of every month and this month’s selection is the classic date-flick-for-weirdos: Beetlejuice. I’m sure you’ve seen it like a billion times on Comedy Central late night by now, but if you’re a fan of late-80’s Michael Keaton, a young Winona Ryder, or Geena Lee Davis in any form then it’s worth seeing outdoors on the silver screen. Bring a blanket, ‘cuz it can get chilly after dark and don’t forget the popcorn/snacks/2-Buck Chuck. Oh and don’t be an asshole, pick up your trash.

Dolores Park Movie Night
Beetlejuice (1988) [oh shit, I said it 3 times, didn’t I?]
Tonight, Thursday June 10 8pm
Dolores Park [The Mission]

More info over at and hat tip to JohnnyFuncheap.

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Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

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