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“Old Enough to Know Better, Young Enough to Pretend” at the K&K Opens Today

Forthcoming Facebook biopic aside, there is no doubt a significant void between art and the average social network. There are few who would see much of inspiration in the online friend network, and even fewer would would be able to convert any extant inspiration into something artistic or worthwhile.

George Underwood is one of those rare few that can. His upcoming exhibition, 'œOld Enough to Know Better, Young Enough to Pretend', opening today at K&K Gallery in Brooklyn, is all about technology as it relates to the social sphere. Social networks operate like empires, rising and falling at speeds often impossible to comprehend. Today’s darling is tomorrow’s pariah, the preferences of the masses shift and ebb and abandon. Underwood’s photography, via his unusual usage of a large format camera, is all about relevancy. Social networks, favored or not, have some effect on their users. Underwood’s work aims at figuring out what that effect is.

'œOld Enough to Know Better, Young Enough to Pretend'
K&K Gallery
September 10 '“ October 10
Opens September 10, 7-10pm

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