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FREE Rides and Endless Brunch at Bondi Road and Sunburnt Cow

Happy almost 2011! New Year, New You, amirite?!?! I know you’ve got a big long list brewing of all the stuff New You is going to kick ass at next year, like to stop waking up with mystery hickeys and taking cabs to bars. But Bondi Road and Sunburnt Cow are one step ahead of you, dear friend. They’ve decided they like you so much that they’ll pick up your ragged ass and drive you to their bars for FREE.

OK, so I should say right up front that you will get your free ride in something called a Moo Mobile, which is as tacky looking as it sounds. But you know what’s not tacky? Free rides. So there. Anyways, each night from 5PM – 2 AM they will pick up poor bar hopefuls anywhere on this MAP (reservations must be made here also in advance), and take you to either bar where I guess they hope you get so drunk you don’t mind that they don’t give you a ride back. But in my experience, both spots–Sunburnt Cow in the East Village and Bondi Road in the LES–are consistently fun and offer slightly overpriced but delicious cocktails as well as dinner deals like hot pots of mussels or scallops for $10.

If I were to ride in the cow car, I would time it to take advantage of their 2-hour all you can eat/drink special for $20 on Monday nights. Or just forget the ride and go earlier for the Endless Brunch, a magical time at these Australian spots where $18 will get you a brunch entree and choice of unlimited refills of mimosa, screwdrivers, greyhounds, or Foster’s. You will drink more than you should, and sometimes the kind wait staff will acknowledge this with an extra serving of greasy fries when necessary. It will be perfect. It will be glorious. Just like the New You.

Bondi Road
153 Rivington Street (between Suffolk & Clinton Street)
[Lower East Side]

Sunburnt Cow
137 Avenue C (between 8th & 9th Streets)
[East Village]

Photo Credit: Sunburnt Cow/MooLifeGroup

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Jill S.

Jill S.

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