Win a FREE Draught Keg of Newcastle Brown Ale!!

When I was in high school we used to call Newcastle “birthday beer”.  This was because when I was 16, I could pretty much only afford the $2.50 it cost to buy a 40 of Mickey’s.  Plus there was always the $5 add on of purchasing Howard the Bum’s pint of vodka in exchange for him actually buying the beer (yes Howard the Bum was the actual homeless dude that used to buy us booze.  I’m pretty sure his real last name wasn’t “the bum” though.)  Back then Newcastle was “birthday beer” because it was a luxury your friends only showered on you for your birthday.

Ever since then, Newcastle has held a special place in my heart (especially since it no longer comes with the “Howard the Bum tax”) and they were nice enough to send me one of their fancy new draught kegs for my birthday this year.  It was 5 liters (1.33 gallons) of deliciousness and I want you to feel the birthday beer love too!  One lucky reader will have their birthday come early this year and receive their very own Newcastle draught keg!

To win all you have to do is email me at and tell me your favorite Newcastle story.  The winner will be chosen at random and your email address will be added to my list unless you specifically ask me not to.

VERY IMPORTANT FINE PRINT TO COVER MY ASS: Broke-Ass Stuart is not actually giving away this alcoholic product.  He will give the winner’s info to Newcastle or it’s representative and they will be responsible for verifying the age of the recipient and sending them the product.  At no point will Broke-Ass Stuart have anything to do with the actual alcoholic product.

So there you go.  Good luck to all of you and may the winner get nice and drunk!

ps RIP Howard the Bum

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