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Free Lit Nerd Mixer Tonight at Housing Works

If you walk the gum wad-laden streets of NYC, you better get used to the slow burn of a stranger’s eye. New Yorkers STARE at each other. Sometimes it’s a concerned “Is that person yelling crazy and going to hurt me?”; other times just a pervy “I think you’re attractive but won’t do anything other than give you creepy eyes.” This is doubled if you are holding a novel, and tripled if you are holding a novel with a hard-to-see cover and the lookee has to reposition to find out what you’re reading and judge you consequently. Fortunately, tonight’s free I Like Your Glasses mixer at Housing Works makes it feel a little less awkward.

Created for book nerds who use their lit to convey their romantic/philosophical/Calvin & Hobbes-lovin’ personalities to potential mates, the night will feature readings of missed connections both real and imagined from authors like Simon Van Booy and Sarah Lynn Knowles. The first 30 folks through the door will get free drinks (otherwise they’re still at steal at $3 for Sixpoint Sweet Action) and Harpers Perennial and Slice Magazine will be doing giveaways throughout the night… no glasses required.

I Like Your Glasses: Connections Missed and Made with CoverSpy and Alikewise
FREE. Thursday, Feb. 10th. 7:00PM
at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
126 Crosby Street [Soho]

Photo Credit: iVillage

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