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FREE Vibrators for Taxpayers

trojan free vibrator give away brokeass stuart

If Obamacare means that we get FREE vibrators for taxpayers, then we can’t get enough of it.

SFist is reporting that Trojan will be giving away FREE vibrators on April 12, the Friday before Tax Day. All you have to do is show up to The Box, tell them you’ve filed your taxes (you don’t even need your return), and in return, they’ll give you something to put in your box.

Plus both men and women can collect on this. And you thought coming home for the weekend with roses was impressive?

Free Vibrator
Friday, April 12
12pm -4pm
The Box, 1069 Howard @ 6th (SOMA)


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Eric Barry - Cashless Comedian

Eric Barry - Cashless Comedian

Eric Barry is a San Francisco comedian, writer, and founder of Full Disclosure, a media site dedicated to sex and comedy.

He is a self-professed beer snob and pesto aficionado, and is incapable of lying, which has led to him shooting himself in the foot many times. He is currently seeking bulletproof shoes and thinks you and he would go great with fondue.