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The Most Anti-Gay Countries…A Travel Guide for the Homophobic and Hateful

It must be a tough week to be a homophobe. Maybe you feel oppressed now that some Americans are just as equal as you. Maybe you’re worried about the inevitable terror and natural disaster your God will soon visit upon us. It must sting to find yourself on the wrong side of ‘love it or leave it…’ Maybe it’s time to make like Lot and his wife and flee Sodom while you still can. As a patriot and vagabond, I would like to encourage your exodus. You won’t be missed. Here are a few countries that might welcome your hateful self:



Source: Ebony

Time Magazine suggested that the ‘rainbow country’ might be ‘the most homophobic place on earth.’ Reggae artists like Buju Banton advocate violence agains gays, violence that bat-wielding mobs carry out all too often.

While American homophobes sugarcoat their policies with terms like ‘defense of marriage’ the Jamaicans have stayed true to their roots, maintaining the 19th century ‘buggery’ laws of their former colonizers. Jamaican law prohibits ‘the abominable crime of buggery either with mankind or animal.’

Men in violation of this law face 10 years of prison and or hard labor. Female homosexuality is legal. Ebony covered the first lesbian wedding.

One love!



Source: Shirtless Putin Doing Things

It turns out that people  in religious countries, like Brazil and Italy, tend to be more tolerant of LGBTs on a personal level. According to this study, Russians are the least tolerant. They associate homosexuality with poedophelia and prison rape. In the days of the Gulag, rape was an instrument of control in the camps. The victims were ‘gay,’ the rapists were not. This is documented in horrifying detail in the Mark of Cain, a documentary on Russian prison tattoos, and in the of sketches Danzig Baldaev, a former NKVD agent. The unfortunate souls sent to labor camps for sodomy under Stalin (wait, not sodomy  under Stalin…) were only granted amnesty in the 1990s.  

Things aren’t much better with Putin on top. A new law bans ‘gay propaganda.’ The edict silences allies, and prohibits pride events. One church elder called Putin’s policies ‘a miracle’ and he has won praise form the American right. Give Russia some time, their history of state-mandated morality dates back to the days of Ivan the Terrible.



Source: AlJazeera

This is an awkward reminder that foreign aid is never neutral or unconditional. According to God Loves Uganda, the American Christian right saw an opportunity to evangelize hate. They brought homophobia, along with food and bibles, to this once tolerant and long suffering state. Homosexuality is now illegal, and Uganda’s neighbors are looking to them as a model for HIV prevention. Now the western powers must either be complicit in Uganda’s human rights abuses by continuing to feed these haters, or let them starve.



Source: Huffington Post

Honduras is the murder capital of the world. violence against gays is common.

Recently the failed state has become a haven for disenchanted American conservatives. They’ve been experimenting with charter cities run by libertarians (or as Ayn Rand called them, ‘the hippies of the right.’) One former Ron Paul supporter went down hoping to find utopia. He said people live in either ‘slums or guarded citadels’. The new anti-governments refuse to fix the roads, waiting for ‘enraptures’ to fill the potholes with shovels. ‘It’s less like Atlas Shrugged and more like Lord of the Flies.’




A place that has no issues with big government… ‘President’ Mugabe  has made persecution of gays his priority in recent years.  He routinely spews pre-genocidal rhetoric, calling homosexuals ‘filth… worse than dogs and pigs.’ These views have been praised by  some Americans who call themselves Christians. Televangelist Pat Robertson’s American Center for Law and Justice has ties to Zimbabwe.

It’s never a good idea to compare someone to Hitler, unless he’s already done so himself. Mugabe said he wants to be ‘Hitler ten times over.’ He recently celebrated his 91st birthday, that really is good news.



Source: Yahoo News

The Korean colloquialism for a gay person is ibanin (이반인) meaning ‘a different type of person’ or, literally ‘a second person.’ In this hyper-conformist, shame-ridden country, ‘different’ is one of the worst things to be. Bullycide due to homophobia is common, and has even taken the lives of celebrities who were shamed for coming out.

Korea’s issue is a matter of ignorance and isolation. People will tell you there are no gays in Korea. A western teacher was reprimanded for teaching a class on diversity. His principal accused him of ‘spreading the disease of homosexuality.’ Christian groups have warned foreigners not to spread ‘gay sex addiction’ in their ‘racially and morally pure society.’

Just like in the States, most of the hate comes from a really loud few with some friends in politics. They recently got the Seoul pride parade shut down. But things are changing, Christian groups failed to shut down the Seoul pride parade, and polls show the youth are more open minded than the aging majority.

Meanwhile, in North Korea they don’t know what homosexuality is–according to one gay defector.



Source: public domain

If you’re not only a homophobe, but also deep in the closet, you might want to head east. on the one hand you’ve got Sharia law, ISIS, and the Taliban, then there’s the centuries old bath house culture.

The omni-sexual Lord Byron delighted in the Turkish bathhouses on his tour of what was then the ottoman empire. He said the English and the Turks aren’t so different: the English like whoring and drinking, and Turks like sherbet and sodomy.



We’ve still got a long way to go.

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