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Hilarious Video on “Locally-Sourced Reclaimed Food” aka Dumpster Diving in NYC

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Comedian Jeff Seal went out with the cameras of Gothamist to show how to to get “Locally-Sourced Reclaimed Food” aka Dumpster Dive in NYC. It’s really funny and also makes some fantastic points about how food is wasted each day.

Seal says “”You know you’re living in abundance when you can throw away food that someone else threw away.” It’s not “dumpster diving”, it’s “Locally-Sourced Reclaimed Food Curation.”

The video is really funny. Watch it below:

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  1. Admin User
    April 2, 2016 at 9:29 pm

    absolutely enjoyable.

    also the whole foods market executive who decided to put everything into sealed dumpsters should be forced to source his meals from a KFC dumpster for a month….