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Haight Street Resident Responds to KKK Letter With Her Own Flyers

If you remember the other day, a San Francisco woman found a recruitment letter from the Ku Klux Klan on her doorstep. It was some wild shit. Some people think it’s a hoax, but no one knows for sure at the moment.

Anyways, yesterday Amanda, one of our readers, sent me these images of a flyer she found in The Haight:


In it she reps the Haight hella hard saying, “How dare you come to the Haight and attempt to recruit out residents. We stand for peace and justice and have since the 60s while you were lynching people of color”.


My favorite part is that she signs it “The Loyal White Lady Ally of the Haight who will beat your sorry ass if I catch you in my neighborhood distributing hate flyers.” I hope to god that’s what her title is on her business cards.

Maybe it’s cuz I’m hangover, but I’m not quite getting the “have several seats” reference. But I do dig the shout out at the end saying donations to the homeless are wanted. Unfortunately, our loyal white lady ally didn’t specify where the donations can be sent.

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