Bell House

23 Oct 2012

Broke-Ass Halloween Fun in New York City

Halloween is about a week away and you might find yourself with nothing to do, because you spent so much time thinking of a costume to wear. Luckily we have a few activities that will be easy on your pockets, while allowing you and your friends to have some fun.

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03 Mar 2011

Do Good, Dance Good with The Sway Machinery this Saturday

If you like things that are labeled “good,” “music” and/or “fun”, then do I have the thing for you! This Saturday, Brooklyn-based brass and then some outfit The Sway Machinery are gonna make you glad you paused whatever horrible Netflix movie you forgot was in your queue and now you

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26 Feb 2011

Get fuzzy with the Muppet Vault

If, like me, you have been known to do things like re-plan a trip itinerary to see a Jim Henson exhibit and then at that exhibit, get scolded very loudly from security several times for taking non-stop photographs, apparently we are not alone. The Muppet Vault is a monthly series

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12 Feb 2011

Laugh at Others Rejections at the Bell House V-day Celebration

There’s no better way to feel instantly better about your own romantic standings then to listen to the tales of heartbreak and rejection of strangers. In a funny way of course. And in that spirit, The Rejection Show is the perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day event for couples and singles alike. Join

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30 Dec 2010

FREE 90s Dance Party Tonight at Bell House

This Christmas, I was forced to finally go through the boxes of my crap taking over my parents’ basement. While rediscovering treasures like a cassette of Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On,” troll key chains, and more chokers than a person should be legally allowed to possess, I was once again the

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23 Nov 2010

Voidwell Homecoming Dance Better Than Your Homecoming

Brooklyn, for better or worse, has a glut of musicians and performers who get dubbed “cutting edge” or “the hot new thing.” Much like the terms “awesome,” “extreme,” or “neo-c0nservative,” these terms are overused to the point of becoming meaningless, no different from say “um” or “er” in your sentence.

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02 Oct 2010

Summer Endings: Brooklyn Lobstah Boil and Mad Men Finale

Throwing the end of summer a proper closing party, the folks at MeanRed are hosting a Lobstah Boil Blowout at a new outdoor space in Williamsburg. Granted $27 isn’t “cheap” but you do get a feasts worth of food including a full Maine Lobster from Red Hook Lobster Pound,  plenty

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01 May 2010

Brooklyn Lyceum Fair and Derby Day Party

Now that the weather is finally cooperating it’s time to slip on something revealing and finally expose your pallid extremities to some actual sunlight. Because let’s face it, pasty skin only sparkles in teen bop vampire movies. Lucky for you, this city is experiencing an influx of outdoor markets on

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