happy endings

06 Dec 2012

FREE Pros(e) Anthology Release Party TODAY at Happy Endings

Red Umbrella Diaries is back with its monthly installment at Happy Endings in the Lower East Side! After prepping some former and current sex workers’ writing skills through the RedUP’s Becoming Writers Workshop, the RedUP group is ready to celebrate their graduation as writers who can now articulate their own

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03 Oct 2012

Cooking in Heels Book Release Party FREE at Happy Endings Tomorrow Night

The Red Umbrella Diaries are back with another special event in their monthly series. This time they’ll be looking to not only feed you, but teach you how to feed yourself. Come down and discover what Ceyenne Doroshow has to offer your stomach as she shares her riveting story as

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18 Aug 2010

In the Flesh: FREE Erotic Reading and Cupcakes

I keep a book called How to Write Erotica on my shelf next to my other reference books about grammar and proper citation rules, because the glossary is a never-ending source of knowledge. Like, did you know that three or more people constitute an orgy? Or that a House of

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