04 Aug 2016

Leaked Photos of ‘Pocahontas’ Film Starring Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom

  Outrage over another minority role going to a white actor has begun after photos leaked from the new Fox Searchlight production of Lewis & Clark: Making America Great For the First Time starring Orlando Bloom as “Lewis” and Katy Perry as his Native American guide and confidant “Pocahontas “. Hollywood has taken

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 2
14 Apr 2016

Which Golden State Warriors Have The Biggest D*cks? An Analysis

As the Warriors complete the greatest season ever in NBA history (73-9), one’s curiosity inevitably turns to which member of the Golden State Warriors squad has the biggest dick. We bust out the tape measure and size up the Warriors accordingly in the analysis below.

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training 0