Sayre Piotrkowski

07 Feb 2013

Top 5 Affordable SF Beer Week Events

With SF Beer Week starting up this Friday I figured it was time to ask my buddy Sayre Piotrkowski for a set of recommendations that fit my broke-ass price range. This is of course ironic since Sayre is pretty much the person in the Bay most commonly associated with folks

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14 Feb 2012

Special Beer Week Edition of Pickle Back Wednesday with Linden St. Brewery and Beer & Soul

Yes, that is Ashkon on the Beer Bike If you haven’t been to Dear Mom yet for Pickle Back Wednesdays, you’ve been missing out.  The combination of whiskey shots, pickle juice, booty shaking, and poor decision making is pretty incredible. But this week we’re taking it one step further. We’re

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01 Jun 2010

I’m in a Film that Won an Award – The Swagger Stagger

Remember back in February when I was in that short film the Swagger Stagger?  You know the one 4sp Films made where my friend Sayre Piotrkowski and I roll around San Francisco drinking good beer and eating food?  Well guess what?  It won an award, and I didn’t even know it was

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08 Feb 2010

The Swagger Stagger: Walking San Francisco in Search of Good Beer

My good friend, Sayre Piotrkowski, is one of the only Cicerones (a beer sommelier) in the Bay Area.  While we used to drink lots and lots of Budweiser together in college, his tastes have matured while mine have apparently stayed fairly pedestrian.  Because of this he decided to honor SF

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