25 Nov 2009

Gotham City Lounge: What A Fucking Great Bar!

As the title of this post suggests, Gotham City Lounge is a fucking great bar. It’s cheap. It’s genuinely divey. It’s got a pool table. It’s right under the Central Ave. M train stop (and within walking distance of the Myrtle Ave.-Broadway J stop). It has great atmosphere. This truly

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09 Sep 2009

FREE BEER! Two80 in Bushwick: FREE BEER!

Last week I told you about a magical deal at Two80 Cafe & Lounge in Bushwick. Owner/cook/everyman Ali was giving away FREE pasta. He did. It was delicious. Penne with vodka sauce was FREE for the taking for an entire hour. Ali, being the most accomodating of hosts even went

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