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23 Aug 2010

Giant Found Object Sculptures Need You

Random statues are my favorite thing in any city. I just love seeing the people and objects that people decided to cast in bronze and display in public. In New York, my favorite is probably the Alice in Wonderland statue in central park, followed by the Hans Christian Andersen statue.

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20 Aug 2010

Serena Studios: Affordable Belly Dance Classes

I took a belly dance class in college, mainly because of my professor’s insistence and partially because of my love of shiny fabric. I was terrified at first, the only dance I’d taken was jazz in the seventh grade. My fears were assuaged after the first class. Contrary to the

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04 May 2010

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: Are You a Sell Out?

The story that we commonly buy into is that in order to get “x” thing that we want, we need to “sell out,” give up our dreams and work for a company that we don’t believe in. That is not absolutely true, just like following your dreams does not mean you have to be broke. What’s worse is that some of you feel like you are “selling out,” AND you are broke. What if you could do what you love AND thrive in all areas in life? Don’t be a naysayer. If you are reading this and it pisses you off, are you looking for reasons that I could be right about this or all the reasons I am wrong?

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27 Apr 2010

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: Shameful Spending

I am not a mental health professional or a therapist, and I am in no position to tell someone whether I think they are “addicted” to gambling or anything for that matter. In this case and in many cases I recommend clients seek professional guidance and support. If you feel like your spending in a specific area may be a problem then it is worth addressing seriously. Even if a professional tells you that you are not technically “addicted” to something, if you feel like it is something that is creating challenges in your life or keeping you from how you would like to feel or live, then look at it, confide in a friend, and ask for help.

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20 Apr 2010

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: Just Ask for FREE Stuff

I was 23 and I won a sales contest and the prize was reimbursement for electronics. I went to Best Buy knowing what I wanted to buy. I picked out what I wanted, a small tv, dvd player and a camcorder, yes this was a few years ago. I asked the sales guy, “if I buy these things here, what could you give me for free?” Now I have asked for specific things for free at times, like when I bought a washer and dryer, I asked for 3 dvds for free and they worked some magic on the computer and gave them to me.

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06 Apr 2010

Broke Ass Financial Coaching: Last Minute Taxes

“Coach Sizzle, I haven’t done my taxes, do you have any suggestions for last minute tax prep?” – SC

Woohoo tax time! For those of you who get money back.. I’m sure you are super stoked! Get it done! If you owe money, get it done, rip off the band aid. I know it is painful especially if you have not saved for your taxes.

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05 Apr 2010

Vicarious Crafting at Adult Education

For the most part, I think all people have the ability to be crafty. I mean, we all survive elementary school and figured out how to glue pasta onto things. But there is the rare individual who will wind up gluing their fingers together with a glue gun, licking the

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