21 Oct 2009

Five Signs You May Need a Vacation

Residents of San Francisco often refer to the city as a “bubble.” You know, a big civil-rights-loving-wastoid-environmentalist-organic bubble. It’s easy to get acclimated to this place and forget that not every city embraces trannies and public nudity, if not copulation. The other day while deciding what to get for lunch,

Ryan Miller- Depleted Resource Analyst 8
20 Oct 2009

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: What’s up with Healthcare?

What the f#%! is going on with Healthcare?
What is going on with healthcare is bananas.
If you do not have health insurance you expose yourself to great liability. Thanks Captain Obvious. You may say “well I can’t afford the premiums, and even if I could, I don’t trust that health insurance companies will cover what they say they will.”

Betsy Crouch - Coach $izzle 1
18 Oct 2009

If You Gotta Nest, Get Inspiration for FREE

I have a secret obsession. Some people collect boxes and boxes of vintage G.I.Joe figurines.  Others watch sexy Nigella cook her food on TV religiously.  And some people walk around in Yankees Flannel PJs everyday during post season (my landlord). My obsession may seem fairly benign, even mundane ‘“ at

Danielle Levanas - Bargain Soul Huntress 4
16 Oct 2009

DIY Diva: How-to Save $$ In Your Day-to-day Life

Heyo — the DIY Diva here with some money saving tips for all you broke-asses out there trying to make ends meet in the expensive cities of NYC and SF during this craptacular recession. I just realized that next week will be the one year anniversary of when I was

Kate Kotler - DIY Diva 6
15 Oct 2009

6 Tracks To Make You More Productive At Work

Sometimes you just need to shut everything out, and just concentrate on work (whether you care about it or not!).  Which is why god (aka Steve Jobs) invented ipods.  But what to listen to?  You can’t simply put it on “shuffle” and see where fate may take you.  No, sir

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 0
13 Oct 2009

Broke Ass Financial Coaching: Overdrafts and Other Bank BS pt. 2

Most banks automatically give you overdraft protection, the fees upwards of $30 when you overdraft. Oh Thank YOU! Wow. The guy who invented “automatic overdraft protection” made the banks billions and billions of dollars, for the convenience factor. You know when you are out fine dining you don’t want to be embarrassed that your card was declined, oh no! Well the fear of worrying what others think of our financial situation sure is motivating.

Don’t you think the technology exists for your card to simply be declined when you don’t have any money left in your account? Why would the banks implement something so seemingly customer service oriented and give up billions of dollars? Right.

Outside of a desperate or survival mode purchase, wouldn’t you prefer for the card to be declined instead of paying a $35 fee on top of a $3.00 coffee purchase?

Betsy Crouch - Coach $izzle 0
11 Oct 2009


After all of their trial runs this week, the Blue Angels have literally almost made me choke on just about everything I’ve put in my mouth this week. That’s not to say I won’t be specific — but the terror inducing sounds of a jet seeming to fly right through

Monica Miller - The Intern 0
07 Oct 2009

NYC Subway: Scrounge Up A Free Ride

If you live in New York City, odds are you rely on MTA on a daily basis. You already know. So I don’t have to tell you how integral the subway system is to our daily lives. And as far as cost goes, yes, we must admit, even after the

Joe Petersen - Classist Columnist 3