23 Feb 2010

FREE Pancakes Today and the Peggy Lee of Punk: Phat Man Dee

So today is National Pancake Day!!  This means that you should go to an IHOP and fill up on your FREE short stack of buttermilk pancakes.  Offer good from 7am ‘“ 10pm today only.  The one catch is that they ask you to consider making a small donation to support

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22 Feb 2010

A Proper List of All the FREE Noise Pop Events

I originally wrote this for The Bay Bridged, but I figured it would be something you fine folks that visit this site would dig.  So now go out and see some FREE shows! The Miracle of Noise Pop: 8 Days of Amazing FREE Events I’ve been really good so far

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16 Feb 2010

Circa 1968: Rolling Stone Photography by Baron Wolman

I spent awhile today looking for an awesome Mardi Gras event to share with but alas I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t too expensive or derivative and douchie.  I mean the Dirty Dozen Brass Band sounded good, but it’s probably sold out and costs over $20.  The Fat Tuesday Party and

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09 Feb 2010

Peephole – FREE Music, Live Show!

Now, I have a story to tell you.  It starts out sad, but the ending is happy, so I’d recommend that you read it until the end.  Is it true?  You’ll have to figure that one out for yourself.  Here we go. Once upon a time a boy by the

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06 Feb 2010

Broke-Ass Band Interview: The Antlers

The Antlers had a huge year in 2009.  Their album Hospice was included in the year end “best” lists by just about everyone including The Onion, Filter, Pitchfork, and NPR.  Not bad for a band that pretty much didn’t’ exist two years ago. Last night they played with Ra-Ra Riot

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03 Feb 2010

Richie Cunning’s Night Train: The Best New Album You Haven’t Heard Yet

Buy the ticket, take the ride. Just be careful where you sit. If you’re getting on the Night Train be prepared to be ‘œanother San Fran passenger between do-gooders and contraband traffickers’ because Richie Cunning’s San Francisco has nothing to do with cable cars or Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s a city

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03 Feb 2010

Weekly Music Video: Judgement Day’s “Cobra Strike”

For a special installment of  Humpday Video I bring you Judgement Day’s “Cobra Strike”.  You might remember them from our awesome band interview or from their huge feature in the SF Chronicle. This video is pretty bad ass and because of that you should try to share it with other

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28 Jan 2010

The Music of Friday Night Lights

So, yeah…I’m writing another FNL post, so sue me!  It’s a great show.  If you haven’t started watching it yet, I suggest you netflix or stream it immediately. Part of what makes this such a great show is the surprising soundtrack.  You won’t find any Creed or Sixpence None The

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