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15 Jun 2009

8 Actual Catcalls & Come-Ons I’ve Recieved

I’ve lived in San Diego, Redlands, Long Beach/LA, Florence (Firenze), and New York.  I’ve visited an array of North American, Mexican, and European cities.  One thing that remains constant no matter where I live or visit is the insane types of catcalls and pickup lines hurled at me.  It seems

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09 Jun 2009

FREE Manicure and Martini

This one comes directly from  While this is probably open to anyone who just wants a mani and a ‘tini (creeping Jesus!  Did I really just write “mani” and “tini”?), it’s especially targeted for those of you out there who are trying to preggers but can’t seem to do it.

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01 Jun 2009

“Sexting”: The Next Generation

“Sexting” is a retarded, sensationalist, armchair psychology/media-created buzzword made up to scare the kind of gullible and easily excitable, pearl-clutching middle aged parents who still think that “rainbow parties” were (or are) an actual thing that all the morally bankrupt kids these days participate in.  If you need an example,

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28 May 2009

Text Dating with Cupid’s Lab: A Memoir, Kind Of

Milk is fucking up this nation, or something, because I’m watching the national spelling bee and there is currently an enormous 13 year old 8th grader with Conan the Barbarian hair, hulking frame, and full crustache.  Then, like the champion he is certainly not considered to be at his elementary

27 May 2009

Beer and Wine @ Charity Dating Site Launch Party

At the risk of blowing all female participation in this interesting new venture, I feel I still need to admit that I signed up to be a guinea pig for GiveAndDate way back when it was still in development because a friend knows the people behind it. The idea, as

22 May 2009

Free Communication with eHarmony This Weekend

Until a few days ago I thought I was dwelling on the bottom floor of a dietary basement: rice burritos twice a day, occasionally with salsa and sour cream. Then, one dreary noon, I fell through the weak foundation into a secret cellar and found myself stooping over a ramen

18 May 2009

Top 5 Amusing/Horrible Gmail Contextual Ads

Inspired by this piece in Jezebel earlier this week, I decided to do a search of all my dating-related emails to see what kind of advice Gmail, the frenemy I never asked for, had to offer.  Needless to say, hilarity/horror ensued.   Here are the top 5.   1.    Some

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13 May 2009

Be a Better Masturbator

Ok, so let’s say you’re looking to do something cheap today but don’t feel like sitting on the hard bleachers at a $2 baseball game and don’t wanna watch movies with a bunch of people who are too cool to put brakes on their bicycles.   Perhaps you just feel like learning better ways

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