San Francisco

01 Sep 2023

The Most Versatile Music Venue in The Bay is 50 Years Old

I’ve set a new goal to explore every music venue in The Bay Area, even though I’ve been to most due to growing up here. However, there are still surprises and unexplored places.  Last week, I attended a show at Ashkenaz in Berkeley and was amazed by its versatility. While

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24 Aug 2023

Amazing Art Structures Being Built at Burning Man 2023

While most people arrive on the Playa after everything is already built, most of the artists have been hauling, digging, hammering, strapping, sawing, and polishing in the dust (and rain) for weeks now, moving thousands of pounds of steel, glass, timber, (and elbow grease) onto a prehistoric lake bed in

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18 Aug 2023

Looking Forward: 10 Years of Photography at Pier 24

We visited the much anticipated and much delayed second half of Looking Forward:10 Years of Photography at Pier 24 recently.  The first half of this show launched in 2019. This visual odyssey took us on a view of photographs of urban life layered over decades as well as carefully composed

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04 Aug 2023

Beyond Art at Burning Man: This Pilot’s Thrilling Adventures on The Playa

There is no shortage of interesting people in The Bay Area somehow connected to the dusty playground of Burning Man in the desert of Nevada. While artists often steal the spotlight for their boundary-pushing creations on the playa, this extraordinary event and temporary city draws an array of captivating people

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04 Aug 2023

Can Jerry Day Turn Around The Doom Loop in SF?

This weekend in SF’s Excelsior District, the city will celebrate Jerry Garcia with Jerry Day and Jerry Nite.  I met one of the organizers, Tom Murphy, at Harmonic Brewery when Dead and Co played their final show at Oracle Park. I knew Jerry Day was a big thing for deadheads,

28 Jul 2023

Boats, Beavers & Performance Art: The Diverse World of Artist Alita Edgar

Imagine this: a boat outfitted to celebrate… the Beaver. Artist Alita Edgar is currently crafting a performance site and installation art piece inside a historic Squarehead boat, paying tribute to her favorite quadrupeds, the beaver. Edgar’s art and installation projects are incredibly diverse, and that’s what makes her so captivating

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21 Jul 2023

Eluterio Lopez’s Artistic Odyssey into City Scapes and Fashion

Eluterio Lopez is a visual artist and clothing designer based in San Francisco. Known for incorporating numerous eyes into their paintings and clothing designs, Eluterio’s work reflects the city’s energy and diverse population. Mountains of eyes are staring at you in Eluterio Lopez’s studio – one on top of another

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14 Jul 2023

Beloved Berkeley Business, Paco Collars, Comes Home

For 10 years, Paco Collars stood as an iconic presence on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley across from the original Berkeley Bowl. However, in 2019, they relocated to a new space, leaving their original location behind. Some people mistakenly believed that their business had shut down. However, the truth was quite

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