San Francisco

19 Feb 2009

Press Conference to Save Bay to Breakers Today!

  This is YOUR race so come out and show your support!  It takes place at 11:30am on the steps of SF’s City Hall.  See you there!   To learn more about the cause, go here

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17 Feb 2009

Press Conference to Help Save Bay to Breakers on Thursday

by Broke-Ass Stuart     For all those who’ve been keeping up on the whole ruining of Bay to Breakers ordeal, I’ve got some interesting news.  The Citizens for the Preservation of Bay to Breakers, a group of which I’m on the committee, has decided to hold a press conference on the

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15 Feb 2009

Holy Balls! Free Indian Food Today!

    Every Sunday Kindness Kitchen will be serving FREE vegetarian Indian food from 11:30am-3pm.  It all goes down at the Maharani Restaurant.  While your bill will be $0.00, you are encouraged to donate as much money as you choose.  Part of the money goes to charity and the other part

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14 Feb 2009

Broke-Ass Bay to Breakers

    If you get a chance, pick up the SF Chronicle today.  I was interviewed for an article defending Bay to Breakers.  The article is pretty good, even if the writer opted to quote me as Stuart Schuffman instead of Broke-Ass Stuart like I asked him to.  Whatever.  Here’s

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13 Feb 2009

Fuck Valentine’s Day

    Instead of sitting at home and masturbating with your tears while thinking about your ex, why don’t you go out and do something for Valentine’s Day’s this year?  No, I don’t mean surprising said ex and begging them to take you back, I mean doing something completely different than you did

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12 Feb 2009

Wanna Help Save Bay 2 Breakers?

By Broke-Ass Stuart     If so then here’s some things you can do by just clicking a bunch of shit on your keyboard:   *Join this Facebook Group: Citizens for the Preservation of Bay 2 Breakers   *Sign this Petition: Save Bay to Breakers   More than anything I

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11 Feb 2009

Good vs. Evil

by Broke-Ass Stuart – Editor in Cheap   Today was a strange day in the ongoing battle between all that is good in this world and all that is evil.  Both sides had major victories, but who the winner is, it’s hard to say.     On one hand, we

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10 Feb 2009

SF: Cheap Bags that are Good for the Environment

  by Monica the Intern       Being eco-friendly isn’t always easy on a budget. If you’re new to the game, it seems a lot more trendy than it should be, right? I remember when my parents would bring their bags back to the grocery store from previous trips and everyone

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