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14 Sep 2021

Sounds of September: The Best Live Music (and More) this Week

Every Tuesday our subscribers get this awesome roundup in their inboxes. You should sign up right here to make sure you never miss a thing. This week, it’s all about the music – whether you’re into rock, folk, rap, or techno, there’s a something for you happening this week. On

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14 Sep 2021

Comfort Food, Art and Poetry Collide at Berkeley’s Iconic Homemade Cafe

Some might say the food at Homemade Cafe is art in and of itself, with gentle and bold notes colliding in concert with spirited revelry pouring out from the warm blanket of a familiar and familial space that stubbornly stands true in the face of a changing city. In so

28 Aug 2021

We Wanna Send You to See Billy Strings!

The season of ticket giveaways and big concerts is back! We’re celebrating the reopening of one of our favorite Bay Area music venues, Oakland’s Fox Theater by partnering with them to give away two pairs of FREE tickets to each of five upcoming shows. We’ll be posting these giveaways over

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02 Aug 2021

Siren Island’s New Immersive Theatre Production Promises Magic, Mystique

Siren Island, the brainchild of artist Serena JV Elston, is many things: part boat, part sculpture, part stage, and part sanctuary, the floating wooden installation can often be found drifting along the shores of Treasure Island. Perched upon its peaks and lounging in its valleys one can spy the alluring

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03 Jun 2021

Artist Kirsten Farr is Taking Over Heron Arts!

She has an incredible color palette and a talent for line work, she also writes and edits articles at Juxtapoz, she’s curated for Facebook’s fancy artist in residency program (FB Air) and has made cool videos at KQED Arts, that kind of make you feel like you’re on drugs.

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03 Jun 2021

Artist Makes Cicada Band, Olympic Team, and much more

We’ve heard a lot about cicadas this Spring, their massive numbers, their strange 17 year life cycle, and the incredible sound they make at all hours.  But I bet you haven’t heard about they’re band yet. I bet you haven’t seen the Cicada Olympics, or how good little Cicadas went

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27 May 2021

Artist René Yañez & San Francisco’s Great Tortilla Conspiracy

The “Artist You Should Know” series highlights Bay Area artists who are doing incredible work, it’s our way of supporting the creative community and helping to keep San Francisco a strange and wonderful place.  By Ray Conteur What would San Francisco look like without the influence of Frida Kahlo? What about Día

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29 Apr 2021

Woke Creator, Writer, Cartoonist Keith Knight

Artist Name: Keith Knight, Gentleman Cartoonist Site:   Instagram: @iamkeithknight Medium(s): ink and paper What’s your most recent favorite project? Woke–My TV show streaming on Hulu Tell us about your involvement with Woke. I co-created it with Marshall Todd (co-writer of the original Barbershop film). Co-wrote the pilot.  Executive

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