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10 Mar 2009

Free Mini-Film Fest with Free Cupcakes

    Better late than never on this one.  I heard about it a while ago, but have been inundated with’other things.  Anyway, here’s the low down on a two-week celebration that is one-week old, fashionable late.   Things get convoluted when you think about Street Attack, an ‘œalternative marketing

09 Mar 2009

Go See Rick Shapiro Tonight

      You should go to Club Deluxe tonight to see Rick Shapiro.  That way when this great underground comic dies of an OD, and suddenly everyone is on his jock, you can be like, “Shit man, I saw that cat back in like ’09 in this little place

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07 Mar 2009

Fire Breathing Serpent on Treasure Island

      I think that slowly, year by year, San Francisco is morphing into Burning Man.  Every season there’s some new party that links back to the desert in some way and draws its inspiration from Black Rock City.  Tonight embodies this perfectly.  The Flaming Lotus Girls, who joined

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06 Mar 2009

Indie Mart this Sunday

      This is easily one of the best things you can spend your Sunday doing.  I mean really, what’s better than checking out the wares of scores of local, independent artists and designers?  Get all the info here.

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05 Mar 2009

The 1st Annual Communal Pie Fight

      I got this from my man Johnny Funcheap who runs  In fact it’s so good that I’m just taking the copy exactly as it is from his site.  Thanks for enabling my laziness Johnny!!   FREE at Powell Cable Car Turn Around   Thursday, March 5   5:39

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04 Mar 2009

Wine and No-Dine with a co-writer of The Wire

  Second book event in a row, but don’t get used to it. I just couldn’t ignore this because The Wire is the best marathon show of all time. Before, it was 24. American’s Next Top’model, designer, whatever, doesn’t even come close and Road Rules was arguably the worst show

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03 Mar 2009

Bone up on Slang with Danny Cassidy

  Tonight at 6:30 there is a free gathering at Lolita (266 Broome @ Allen) with Irish music and readings from the works of Danny Cassidy. Cassidy was, among other things, a lover of slang and etymology and a lot of his work strives to show the influence the Irish

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03 Mar 2009

Le Savy Fav – Noise Pop Finale

  from the desk of Monica the Intern     With their raucous brand of punch-laden indie rock, Les Savy Fav brought this year’s Noise Pop festival to a sweaty and dramatic finale. Coming on stage wrapped in rags disguised as fake bandages, front man and vocalist Tim Harrington announced:

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