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19 Feb 2009

Press Conference to Save Bay to Breakers Today!

  This is YOUR race so come out and show your support!  It takes place at 11:30am on the steps of SF’s City Hall.  See you there!   To learn more about the cause, go here

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17 Feb 2009

Press Conference to Help Save Bay to Breakers on Thursday

by Broke-Ass Stuart     For all those who’ve been keeping up on the whole ruining of Bay to Breakers ordeal, I’ve got some interesting news.  The Citizens for the Preservation of Bay to Breakers, a group of which I’m on the committee, has decided to hold a press conference on the

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17 Feb 2009

The best thing you can do this week

  by Broke-Ass Stuart     I rarel’‹y give my full endor’‹semen’‹t to a music’‹ group’‹.’‹ Sure I may help promo’‹te a frien’‹d’’‹s thing’‹ every’‹ once in awhil’‹e,’‹ but it’s not often’‹ that I’m willi’‹ng to throw’‹ my weigh’‹t behin’‹d somet’‹hing and give it my full seal of appro’‹val.’‹ That

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15 Feb 2009

Cupid is for Babies, Adults go for Fairies

  It’s the day after and cupid has shit in his diaper and cigarette breath.  I, on the other hand, have jalepeno tequila on my breath and haven’t defecated – too much cheese at the  house party in Bushwick.  It was manageably “festive” – a guy drew a picture of

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13 Feb 2009

Fuck Valentine’s Day

    Instead of sitting at home and masturbating with your tears while thinking about your ex, why don’t you go out and do something for Valentine’s Day’s this year?  No, I don’t mean surprising said ex and begging them to take you back, I mean doing something completely different than you did

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12 Feb 2009

How To Not Be A Cathy Comic Stereotype and/or Super Cheesy on V-Day

      Do you ever feel like you’re just one pint of chunky monkey away from uttering ‘œwake me up when I’m a size five?’  Are you afraid of cheapening your relationship with your significant other by falling into the traps laid out for you by the Valentines Day

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10 Feb 2009

NY: Getting Laid…Off

    New York, New York, big city of dreams…ugh…shit ain’t so pretty these days is it?  With the economy residing in Poopsville, more and more people are getting the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech from their employers.  Yes, pink slips are raining down on New York like a

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07 Feb 2009

Free Sunday Standup = Free Laughs + maybe a little fart that squeaks out

  Going to free stand up comedy shows is like trying to swallow pills made for horses: sometimes it goes well, other times it just doesn’t and you want to die.  About a year ago I went to a small standup show in a backroom the size of a refrigerator

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