19 May 2009

$1 Beer and Free Comedy @ Underground

I went to this awesome comedy night last week.  If this recap doesn’t stoke your fire you must be made out of diamonds, in which case I’ll pawn your ass.  I’d be there again tonight, but I’m learning how to bartend in Queens from a Spainard who worked in Ibiza

18 May 2009

Get Discounts @ Groupon with Collective Buying Power

  I didn’t see that slight incline, scuffed my foot, and stumbled upon a website that has a featured discount everyday.   The only problem is, the deal isn’t guaranteed. Other people (ugh) also have to get on board and commit to the deal, hence the name Groupon. Don’t worry though,

15 May 2009

Get Some Satisfaction

Let me be clear, this is not a post about maximizing your response rate on Craigslist’s erotic services, which under new terms will probably be exactly the same, only with more thinly-guised code wordplay (“50 green roses for a mouth massage”).   Nor is it about other accesible forms of literal

14 May 2009

FREE Modelos (Beer, not Latina Models) at Billy Reid Pop-Up Shop Social

I think we should all take a moment to thank black market rogues and permit-less street vendors for the biz model now being used by pop-up shops. The difference is these stores are evading large financial commitments, whereas counterfeiters and shawarma slingers are ducking the armed arm of the law.

13 May 2009

Free $13 Cocktails and Lost Season Finale Party

Because it is game 7 of the Penguins/Caps game, I’ll be camped out in someone else’s Laz-E-Boy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out.  In fact, you SHOULD go out, because one less moustachioed skeeze will be infesting the nightlife waters.  Here are some safe early options, because if

12 May 2009

Another BYOB Restaurant Finder

It’s Booze-day Tuesday, but instead of featuring a bar like Welcome to the Johnsons, here is a little BYOB love that I picked up from the Thrillist cathouse.  BYOB spots are great for many reasons,  including avoidance of  hassle of last night at a bar.  Actually, I didn’t really do

10 May 2009

The Good Shop Grand Opening Party = FREE Drinks

I’ve been walking by this spot for a few weeks now, waiting to see what it’ll finally look like when it opens.  When they initially started working on it, I asked the kids sitting outside, “Hey, what’s this place  gonna be?”.      One of them replied while smoking a

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap 2
10 May 2009

Brunch with Mom: Some Lists

If you’re mother is not in New York, you can escape the day with a skype call and an e-card from BlueMountain and laugh all the way to the bank.  Then cry at the bank when you realize you still have no money. Then, go home and watch the Married