24 Apr 2020

COVID Resources for SF Bay Area Residents & Workers

Links to all COVID related information sites for residents and workers in the Bay Area
Data, laws, safety, housing, homeless, grants/loans, unemployment, groceries, food banks

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27 Apr 2022

Carless JFK Drive in GG Park Now Permanent

The 1.5-mile span of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park that runs from the end of the Panhandle all the way past the De Younge Museum, was closed to cars 7 days a week during the pandemic, and it was a popular move.  Cars have been banned from JFK Drive on Sundays, since 1967, so this is not ‘revolutionary thinking’.

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07 Apr 2022

San Francisco’s Trash Fighting Citizens

You may have seen Vincent Yuen in your news feed this year, or perhaps even on your street corner wearing a florescent vest.  He’s the engine behind San Francisco’s newest trash fighting organization Refuse Refuse SF. Their mission is simple, inspire San Francisco’s own citizens to help keep their neighborhoods

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07 Apr 2022

Awesome Outdoor Fun to Be Had During Climate Action Month

Let’s face it.  With all of the negative news headlines, the world has felt overwhelming lately. But there’s some good news, too!  It’s a well-known fact that taking action is good for our mental health, and just when we need it most, the City of San Francisco has made it

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17 Mar 2022

CA COVID Rent Assistance Program Applications Due March 31st!

There is help out there for millions of Californians still struggling to catch their financial breath after 2 years of pandemic, but navigating the resources can be time-consuming and confusing.  All the info and links you need for the California COVID-19 Rent Relief Program are below. The CA COVID-19 Rent Relief Program, which helps

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24 Feb 2022

In San Francisco, Hundreds of Homes for the Homeless Sit Vacant

For more than a year, San Francisco’s Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing has wrestled with a growing number of vacancies. Despite having more than 1,600 homeless people on the waitlist for these units, 888 sit empty. By the department’s own estimation, at least 400 of those people have been waiting for more than a year — far beyond its own goal of 45 days.

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10 Feb 2022

How BIG Hearts are Made in SF with Artist Todd Berman

Every spring, myself and a handful of other professionals with careers across art and multi-media volunteer our time to mentor students at Washington High School’s Multimedia Art Academy in Fremont. As part of this program, mentor’s introduce themselves and talk about what they are working on with a group of

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09 Feb 2022

Meet the Girl Scout Troop that Empowers Homeless Girls

If you’re hankering for a cookie fix, look no further than Troop 6000’s Girl Scout cookies.  Troop 6000 is a Girl Scout program designed to serve houseless girls in the New York City Shelter System. The troop meets weekly in shelters across the city, led by community volunteers and women

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