28 Sep 2023

Investing in the Future: Why SF’s School Salary Negotiations Matter to All

In San Francisco, a not so quiet battle is unfolding that has far-reaching implications for everyone, regardless of whether you have children. The salary negotiations for the San Francisco Unified School District may seem like a localized issue, but they hold the power to shape the city’s future, impact its

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21 Sep 2023

Paint 11 murals with 11 Bay Area artists in SF!

Paint The Void & TogetherSF are in need of assistance! They will be painting 11 murals alongside 11 local Bay Area artists on Saturday, October 21st, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm at the East Cut Crossing. Their objective is to create 11 murals in collaboration with the community! They

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19 Sep 2023

SF Artists Challenge “Doom Loop” Narrative by Spotlighting Their Creative Spaces

ArtSpan’s annual SF Open Studios offers residents and tourists the free opportunity to engage directly with local artists by visiting their studio spaces. Visitors can expect to learn more about each creator’s work and process, and have the opportunity to purchase work directly.

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24 Aug 2023

Amazing Art Structures Being Built at Burning Man 2023

While most people arrive on the Playa after everything is already built, most of the artists have been hauling, digging, hammering, strapping, sawing, and polishing in the dust (and rain) for weeks now, moving thousands of pounds of steel, glass, timber, (and elbow grease) onto a prehistoric lake bed in

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22 Aug 2023

Amazingly Bad Pet Portraits Offered by Oakland Animal Services

Every now and again something amazing happens in the world of bad, pet art.  And when that happens, rest assured is on the case! Oakland Animal Services announced the kickoff of its 4th annual Bad Art Fundraiser!  Meaning you can donate to help sheltered animals in the Bay Area

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21 Jun 2023

Rainbow Washing: The Problem with Pride-for-Profit in June

By now, most all y’all know Pride started as a riot in 1970, but most companies didn’t even recognize the existence of the LGBTQ+ community for another 3-4 decades. Thus the mid-aughts brought us pinkwashing, or what is now referred to as, rainbow washing. Essentially, it’s the performative-for-profit strategy and

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04 May 2023

Explore SF: Witchy Times in Presidio Heights

Let your intuition guide you, or follow this lead: stroll down “Lovers Lane” as you listen to Lucius. Cheers to this full blown sensoriel experience!

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22 Apr 2023

Why I want to be a Girl Scout…again

It’s that time of year. ..look for me, the much older girl scout…in the back alley. I’m holdin’. Thin Mints. 255 grams. Cash only.
And yes. I’m wearing my Girl Scout uniform from the Seventies. Bay Area Kensington Troop 169 in the house.

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