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25 May 2009

FREE Virgil’s Ribs in Times Square

You couldn’t pay me money to go to Times Square today.  Actually, you could.  I will do anything for money.  ANYTHING!   However, I would feel more compelled and less indebted if I were lured to this godless place by free ribs, which is exactly what Virgil’s is offering when the

24 May 2009

Spice things up South American Style–Carnaval 2009!

The dull cold weekend is wrapping up, and you’re probably still hung over from Kelly’s fine work over at Dolores Park yesterday. Since you can’t be in South America like Stu, I’ll still give your broke-asses a free awesome travel tip ‘” most of you without having to leave your

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22 May 2009

Memorial Day Weekend in NYC

Last night I went to a SaveFashion event sponsored by Refinery29. Like “Save the Whales”,  Save Fashion is dedicated to supporting and protecting the noblest and most preyed upon  of creatures: the New York Fashion Designer. There was a bunch of  complimentary Alize and Amstel Light and deep discounts on

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22 May 2009

Broke-Ass Porn: Happy Hour

Once a week we present Broke-Ass Porn. It’s visually stimulating material for the financially impaired. If this shit doesn’t get you going, you’re not as broke as you thought

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21 May 2009

50 % Off Dinners at Cafe Brama, Still

For April I wrote about a deal at Cafe Brama whereby they took 50% off your dinner check because it was the restaurant’s anniversary.  Well, like Ozzie  and sweet Warcraft commercials, they are still rocking it.    Here is an uninformative excerpt from the original post with details below.  

20 May 2009

A Wedding at the Food Carts on Linda St.?

I just saw this on the Creme Brulee guy’s twitter page:   “The linda st carts are proud to present LOVE. A wedding at the street carts on Friday. Let’s all try and look our best for the young couple.”      Really?!?  Getting married on a Mission side street,

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20 May 2009


Since today’s feature is a haiku that Monica penned about the delicious yo-yo’s we always get at Bender’s, I figured I’d dig up my old zine and transcribe what I wrote about the bar before it got fire bombed.  Here it is: Bender’s: 800 South Van Ness @ 19th St. Relatively

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18 May 2009

$1 Oysters at the Woodhouse Fish Company on Tuesdays

Oh man do I love oysters!  Seriously, I think back to ancient times and realize that figuring out what humans could and could not eat, was probably a dismal feat of trial and error.  Like, what sad bastard, or series of sad bastards, said to themselves, “Alright, I’m gonna go around and pry open

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