05 Feb 2009

Mess around with million dollar interactive gadgets for FREE!

  I went to Sony Wonder Technology Lab (SWTL) at Madison Avenue and 56th street the other day with Adam, an 8th grader I was mentoring.  Scary right?  Don’t tell his mom I sleep on an air mattress in Harlem!  Enough about that, I should talk about the open heart

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04 Feb 2009

Stupid A/C and Free Concert Series at Pier 17

My new room’s shitty windows are horrible for drafts, which means that when my face un-numbed itself from last night’s free tequila tasting in LES, I woke up to some cold air. Then, the window unit A/C fell out the window when I tried air out the eau de cigarette

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03 Feb 2009

Dissapointment: No Denny’s and the Death of a Legend

  Despite all the Denny’s hoopla, I didn’t get a free Grand Slam today.  No sir, not me.  No freebee for the master freeloader himself.  It’s my own damn fault really.  We got out of the house way too late.   Luckily, when my girlfriend and I were heading down

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02 Feb 2009

Free Grand Slam Breakfasts at Denny’s tomorrow!!!

Roughly 90% of my Denny’s experiences have taken place at the Pacific Beach location in San Diego.  If you’ve spent any significant time in “America’s Finest City” you know exactly which place I’m talking about (the corner of Garnet and Mission).  When I was growing up, PB was pretty cool.  It

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02 Feb 2009

Mistaken Identity and Sexy Stories

I’ve always been pretty convinced that I’m the only Stuart Schuffman out there.  I mean, I’ve never done any research into the subject other than googling myself (Stuart you vain vain bastard!), but I figured Stuart isn’t a very common name and Schuffman is pretty rare.  Then yesterday I got a facebook

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31 Jan 2009

My name is Inigo Montoya…

  A few weeks ago a baby was born here in The Bay with 12 functioning fingers and 12 functioning toes.  Fucking wild right?  What, you don’t believe me?  Then click, here and read the article.  Hearing about this of course made me think of The Princess Bride, and how Inigo

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30 Jan 2009

Free beer and wine tastings at The Church Key tonight!

  Tonight and tomorrow are the Grand Opening of The Church Key (1402 Grant @ Green) the second bar by Broken Record owner Jason King.  I’ve been lucky enough to drink there during its soft opening period, and let me tell you, it’s easily one of the best bars in North Beach.

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29 Jan 2009

My response to the bad Matador review

I recently got panned in this review on a travel website called Matador.  The author obviously doesn’t quite get it, so here is my response:   Hi Julie- Broke-Ass Stuart here.  I came across your article a few days ago and hadn’t planned on responding, but since you were so proud

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