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12 Aug 2009

Cheap Fashion: BCBG & Ella Moss Sample Sale

I hate “Fashion”.  Fashion is for people who don’t have any style.  Follow me here.  See fashion is what’s sold to you by a team of marketers, manufacturers, CEOs and twit designers.  It takes a team of highly paid individuals to swindle large masses of people into thinking that something

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11 Aug 2009

FREE Music and Parties! CHIN CHIN, GUMBO, and the BEATARDS

It’s hot, stagnant, and sticky here in Brooklyn.  There’s no use beating it, so why not just indulge?  Get in the mood for some freaky, all-night dancing and soulful music events this week.  And just for you, all of ‘˜em are FREE. ~~~ Tuesday August 11th 8pm – CHIN CHIN

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08 Aug 2009

KUSF Rock and Swap — $1 records and a whole lot of nerdy vinyl

If talking about things like records, the history of records, your record collection or just how much vinyl you do own, you’re more than likely chained to an obsession. The record player, a now antiquated, dying, and chic machine, is bigger than ever these days. Now its time to stack

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07 Aug 2009

Lower Haight Art Walk Tonight

I’m totally digging this whole Art Walk thing.  If you remember, the Divisidero one happened a few months back and it was killer!  It was the kind of San Francisco night where each place you went to, you ran into some one you hadn’t seen in awhile.  You know what

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06 Aug 2009

The Aluminium Age of Travel

Im currently in the Bolt Bus, hurtling down the highway at a zillion miles per hour (60) headed towards the real center of the universe NYC.  In the months prior to my move from NY to Boston, I rode the ol’ Bolt Bus a number of times and had the

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05 Aug 2009

Broke and (Ridin’) Nerdy: Comic Books on the Cheap

It’s tough to be a nerd in 2009.   There’s more broke to go around than there has been since the Joads went on a drought-precipitated journey.  And comic books don’t come cheap.  Especially if you, like me, prefer the more substantial reads that trade paperbacks provide.  A trade paperback is

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04 Aug 2009

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: Face it!

While being young, broke and beautiful is all well and good, some peoples finances are more fucked than others. That’s why we’ve invited Betsy Crouch (aka Coach $izzle) to come onboard and dole out some much needed advice. She is a professional financial advice giver after all.

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03 Aug 2009

Public Barber Salon – a Beer and a Haircut

I’ve seen my future, and it’s pretty hairless.  My dad…bald.  My mom’s dad…bald.  The great Magic 8-Ball of genetics has pretty much already foretold my destiny: Outlook Not So Good.  As a result of this, I like to try new shit with my hair every so often just because I

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