01 Oct 2020

October Film Festival-palooza!

Who knew this October would offer seven different film festivals?  But that’s exactly what’s happened thanks to a mix of regular scheduling and COVID-19 forced re-scheduling.  For the viewer wanting to see or try new movies, the options these festivals offer range from short films to some highly buzzed-about movies.

03 Sep 2020

How They Name Fires in CA, What CZU, SCU, LNU Lighting Complex Mean

Firefighter explains how fires are named in California, and what the acronyms, and the ‘complexes’ are about.

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31 Aug 2020

SF DocFest 2020 Preview

Coronavirus concerns have curbed holding the 19th annual San Francisco Documentary Film Festival (aka DocFest) live.  So this year DocFest attendees will have to do without drinking parties at a nearby Mission District bar or opportunities to meet a filmmaker in real life.   Fortunately, despite a general lack of live

28 Jul 2020

Folsom Street on Fire this Morning 6 Buildings Burn

The fire was first reported on the side of the Central Freeway in the area of 13th and Folsom streets shortly before 7 a.m.  Anyone driving on the 101 through SF saw massive plumes of smoke this morning. 9 AM: Massive fire at 14th off the 101 in SF this

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09 Jul 2020

The Best Wild Animal Videos To Put Your Mind at Ease During COVID

Many of us are spending a lot more time at home during shelter in place, and if you are like me. you’re missing the great outdoors.  I find myself watching videos of wild animals on youtube far more frequently than in the past, and there is a treasure trove of

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18 Jun 2020

Coyote Puppies in SF Getting Ready to Leave the Den

In San Francisco, ‘coyote pupping season’ starts around March and goes until the fall.  Our newest neighbors are now 11-12 week old puppies, and according to Presidio Trust Ecologist Jonathan Young, “It’s still very much pupping season, the pups are starting to get more active now and looking to join

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17 Jun 2020

Mountain Lion in Russian Hill + Big Cat Safety Guide

According to an eye witness who filmed the Mountain Lion, the big cat was cruising Russian Hill at 12:30 am on Tuesday. At around 12:30 am I spotted a mountain lion roaming the streets of Russian Hill. I followed from inside my car and lost visual contact near intersection of

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12 Jun 2020

Dave Chappelle on George Floyd, Police Violence, and Candace Owens

In a makeshift, social-distanced, outdoor comedy club, Chappelle performed a set this week.  As a comedian, Chapelle may be remembered in history as someone who created more conversations about race relations in America, than perhaps any other contemporary.  His Chapelle Show, which satirized racism, and openly discussed social divides, stereotypes,

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