Workers Rights

09 Feb 2022

Working in a Restaurant Should Be Required for Every Single Citizen

The world would be a much more empathetic planet if people were able to put themselves into the shoes of others. More specifically, if people put themselves into the ugly, non-slip shoes of their server, maybe customers would be a bit more understanding when their well-done strip steak takes a

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26 Jan 2022

The Real Reasons Restaurants Are Short Staffed

Unless you’ve been living under a Covid-free rock for the last 18 months you’ve probably heard there’s a serious shortage of restaurant workers in this country. It seems that after years of customers telling waiters and waitress to go get “real jobs,” that’s exactly what they did. The Bureau of

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29 Dec 2021

5 Things No One Tells You About Waiting Tables

Waiting tables, though a noble profession it is, ultimately changes a person once they wrap that apron around their waist and begin their career. Once you’ve served food for a living for more than a few months, your DNA will change and you will realize you aren’t the same person

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15 Dec 2021

Seeking Work in Silicon Valley? This Nonprofit Offers Free Training In Tech

In 2016, Larry Apke attended a ProMatch networking meeting for people seeking work in Silicon Valley. As he surveyed the crowded room, what he saw moved him immensely. “I was touched by two things,” recalled Apke. “First, many looked very shocked and confused. For many, it had been some time

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17 Nov 2021

Uber Founder’s Latest Sinister Business Venture Lands in Oakland & SF

You may be familiar with Uber founder Travis Kalanick. In 2017, Kalanick was forced to resign as CEO after complaints of Uber’s toxic workplace culture surfaced, including claims of sexual harassment and discrimination. Nevertheless, this tick has found a new host. Kalanick has since launched another highly exploitative and secretive

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05 Nov 2021

Friday News Roundup: DA charges SFPD officer with homicide and Giants Buster Posey retires

Hey there, San Francisco.  Happy Friday. It was a busy news week across the city, from a Giants’ star announcing his retirement to a certain law school making moves to change its name. If you want to receive these news roundups every weekday, I’d love for you to sign up

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20 Oct 2021

The Right Way and the Wrong Way To Quit Your Restaurant Job

There is a right way and a wrong way to leave your restaurant job. The right way is to submit a formal, written two-week notice. You then offer to train whoever it is that will be taking your position. Finally, you finish out your shifts with maturity and a sense

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01 Sep 2021

Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry is Too Accepted

Sexual harassment in the restaurant industry is as common as ketchup on french fries, but no one seems to do anything about it. It’s rampant in the back of the house between coworkers and just as much so in the front of the house with customers. A recent survey says

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