Workers Rights

27 Aug 2021

The Fight for a $20 Minimum Wage has Come to California

The Short Version: Minimum wage is a joke in this country, even in California, which has the highest in the nation. So the folks at SEIU 2015 are fighting for a $20 minimum wage, starting with nursing home and homecare workers. These workers have been on the frontlines of the pandemic,

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24 Jul 2021

5 ways the Free Britney movement is about more than just Britney

On June 23rd 2021 The Legendary Ms. Britney Spears spoke out about her conservatorship for the first time in court saying it is “Abusive”and calling for an end to the legal arrangement after 13 years. When i first started posting the #FreeBritney hashtag on social media somewhere around the beginning

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16 Jul 2021

Uber and Lyft Drivers Across California are Striking Next Week

At the very beginning, driving for Uber and Lyft was a good gig. People made a lot of money and the hours were flexible. But over the years the rideshare companies have been steadily cutting the drivers’ pay and making it so they have to work far too many hours,

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10 Jun 2021

Community Working to Save SF’s Last Pool Hall, Family Billiards

Billiard halls were hit extremely hard by the pandemic, wiped-out in many cases.  Not everyone could set their pool table up outdoors like at the Wooden Nickel this past year, (a great little dive where you can now shoot pool in a parklet outside.) Pool tournaments and billiard culture in

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20 May 2021

Millionaires Protest Outside Jeff Bezos’ Houses, Demanding He Pay More Taxes

In perhaps the first in person protest led by actual millionaires, a group called Patriotic Millionaires rallied outside Jeff Bezo’s $80 million Manhattan apartment building on Tax Day, with a big mobile billboard and a megaphone, demanding Bezos pay his ‘fair share of taxes’. Today @es_indivisible @mkink @PatrioticMills, @CleanupCarl and

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19 May 2021

You Told Waiters To Get “Real” Jobs, So They Did…Now What?

It isn’t news that restaurants have been struggling to find staff and that some businesses are offering all kinds of incentives to come on board. Chipotle recently announced they are increasing the pay for its restaurant workers to an average of $15 an hour and claiming that it’s possible to

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14 May 2021

CloseBuy: The Browser Extension that Helps You Shop Local & Skip Amazon

By Jazz Sahota If you’re like nearly half of Americans, you probably start your search for an item on Amazon. And maybe over the past year, you might have noticed you were spending a bit more on Amazon – since businesses were closed and we all had to shop online

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12 May 2021

Servers Never Forget Bad Tippers

It’s often said that “an elephant never forgets.” With a brain that weighs ten pounds or more, it’s a pretty good assumption that some of those folds of cerebrum are dedicated to remembering a watering hole within a thousand square miles of an African desert. You know who else never

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