01 Mar 2022

California Lifts Indoor Mask Mandate for Unvaccinated People and Students

California will lift its indoor mask requirements Tuesday for unvaccinated people and March 12 for schools and child care facilities, state officials said Monday.

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21 Feb 2022

Monday News Roundup: Election results, CA Approaches Endemic

Hey San Francisco, and happy Presidents’ Day. I finally got out to see the Magnificent Magnolias at the Botanical Garden on Saturday. If you haven’t been, it’s worth a visit. If you get your tickets online ahead of time (they’re free for SF residents), you can bypass the line at

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16 Feb 2022

Masks Off, California

Masks off, California.  As of today, California has lifted indoor mask mandates for vaccinated residents, with the exception of Santa Clara county.  Vaccinated residents can now shed their masks in restaurants, movie houses, and retail businesses. However, individual businesses can continue to request that patrons wear masks if locally preferred. 

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16 Feb 2022

Why Are Restaurants So Expensive Now?

Maybe you’ve noticed that going out to eat in a restaurant is more expensive than it ever used to be. The last time inflation was this high in our country, people were still talking about who shot J.R. (Dallas was a top TV show in 1982 and J.R. Ewing was

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10 Feb 2022

What You Don’t Know About BAS

My name is Alex Mak, I’m the managing editor and co-owner of You may recognize my byline as I’ve personally written over 1,000 articles for BAS, and I’ve edited and published 3 times that many by independent writers from our community. What many of you already know about independent media,

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24 Jan 2022

San Francisco Will Pay You A Grand To Stay Home To Recover From COVID

    A program created by Supervisor Hillary Ronen in 2020 has been extended by $5.4 million, according to a press release from the City. This follows the Omicron surge that began near the end of December of last year, and has since begun to decline. In February 2021, Mission

21 Jan 2022

Covid Cases Have Begun to Decline in San Francisco

After a recent surge of COVID-19 cases in San Francisco caused by the omicron variant, the number of cases in the city are starting to decline, Mayor London Breed announced Thursday. The number of cases peaked earlier this month on Jan. 9 with some 2,164 cases per day on average,

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18 Jan 2022

How To Get The Government To Give You Free Covid Tests

Are you feeling shitty? Do you think COVID-19 is behind that shitty feeling, but need proof? Is the inflated price of COVID-19 testing kits bringing you down? Well Uncle Sam, yes, that vaguely racist looking geriatric who is very into flags is actually doing something helpful!  Every home in the

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