19 Nov 2021

What Riding BART Taught Me About the Pandemic

Sometimes I ride BART around the Bay Area without any particular destination in mind and just people watch. In the last two years I’ve ridden BART less than five times. BART used to be a major part of my life. Most of my early meme material was conjured while perpetually

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13 Nov 2021

Kaiser Strike Still On for Thousands Left Out of ’Landmark Agreement”

Two days ahead of a massive planned walkout, Kaiser Permanente averted immediate crisis with a tentative deal that addresses some demands among a portion of its workers. But contrary to much of Saturday’s reporting, some workers are still planning to hit the picket lines Monday. It was announced Saturday morning

04 Nov 2021

What’s Next for Schools After COVID Vaccine OK’d for Children

“This is going to give a lot of parents peace of mind,” said Dr. Norma Perez, a pediatrician and medical director of AltaMed Health Services in Los Angeles. “We’re 20 months into this pandemic, and this is a really important step to get us back to a state of normalcy.”

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04 Nov 2021

Ages 5-11 Soon Have to Show Vaccine Cards in San Francisco

  San Francisco County will soon require children ages 5-11 to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination to enter certain indoor public spaces like restaurants, entertainment venues and sporting events, just like adults, SF public health officials said this week. The local vaccine mandate already requires children and adults over the

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04 Nov 2021

San Jose Started Vaccinating Children! Other Bay Counties Taking Appointments

The CDC officially recommended the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for use in children ages 5 – 11 this week.  In the Bay Area, Santa Clara County was first to officially begin administering the vaccine to its population of 167,000 children, they already had shots going into arms on Wednesday morning according

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31 Oct 2021

Economic Indicators are Mixed as COVID Restrictions are Eased in San Francisco

By Keith Burbank The latest report out Friday on the recovery of the San Francisco economy presents a mix of good and bad as COVID-19 restrictions have been eased by officials. Overall, the city’s economic recovery has been slowed by the Delta variant, but some indicators show things improved in

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26 Oct 2021

Children Ages 5 to 11 Could Start Getting COVID-19 Vaccinations Next Week

It looks like kids as young as 5 years old could start getting COVID-19 vaccinations as early as next week.  The Food and Drug Administration advisory committee Tuesday voted 17-0 to recommend emergency use of Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. The decision was based on a smaller,

21 Oct 2021

In-N-Out’s Billionaire Heiress Has Burger Empire Defying Vaccine Mandates

Lynsi Snyder is a fascinating character, one part Paris Hilton, one part Stephanie McMahon, and one part born-again hellraiser.  Snyder’s been married four times, had four children, opened dozens of restaurants, started a band, a non-profit focused on addiction,  and successfully evaded two kidnapping attempts, all before the age of 40.

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