Pox rash on a Caucasian person's back.
12 Jul 2022

What the Monkeypox Outbreak Means for You

Monkeypox is here, and it’s making us forget the most shaping factor of our lives: we are all reflections of each other. Who we are and what we make represents our ideas of what is well and unwell. How we see ourselves and how we feel about our health creates

Jake Warren 0
11 Jul 2022

Want to Make Change? Move to a Red State.

This is part of our Blue Woman in a Red State column I’m seeing so much sadness, anger and outrage in light of the highest court in the land overturning Roe v Wade. People are once again, threatening to move to Bluer States, or even out of the United States.

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07 Jul 2022

Costco Raised Food Court Prices: Sure Sign of Apocalypse

Since 1985, Costco has offered a hotdog meal for $1.50. Adjusted for inflation a dog and soda should actually cost around $4 today, but Costco has vowed to never change the price.  The Costco founder Jim Senegal once famously told CEO Craig Jelinek: “If you raise the [price of the]

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03 Jul 2022

Four Reasons Not To Celebrate the Fourth of July

The fourth of July supposedly symbolizes freedom. It means liberty, self-governance. Independence from tyranny. July 4th is supposed to be fun, because living in America was supposed to be fun. The ruling fathers wove opulence into the foundational documents of this country. They killed and enslaved for extravagant wealth, for

Jake Warren 2
30 Jun 2022

How an Exploding Pride Van in Rocket League Made Me Feel Better

I took my Pride seriously this year and sported the classy rainbow tiara and Pride flag combo couture, with the flashing DJ wheels and Wizard spell-casting decal (because I’m a huge nerd and I love it).

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30 Jun 2022

Blue Woman in a Red State : How I Can Fight for Abortion Rights

Control Men’s Bodies. Ladies, If you are linked to a man who believes he needs to have a say in what you do with your health (mind and body) time to boycott his penis or put your vagina on strike until he understands that no one controls your body but you.

M Keith 0
30 Jun 2022

Your Server Does Not Care About Your Birthday

They may pretend to care as they half-heartedly sing a birthday song to you along with their co-workers who care even less, but it’s all a charade

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24 Jun 2022

Most Significant Overturning of Rights in Our Lives

After 50 years, abortion rights have been taken away. The Supreme Court has overturned Roe vs. Wade in a decision that has rocked the nation today. Protests are already underway in many cities and you can expect that there will definitely be some today in The Bay as well. Organizers

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