12 Apr 2022

How Climate Change Affects The Bay Area

Written By Deborah In just a few short days, San Francisco has gone from the hottest weather we’ve seen in over a year to damp and rainy. While variety is the spice of life, this is a troubling sign of things to come. The early stages of climate change is

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05 Apr 2022

Why Sacramento’s Mass Shooting Was A Wake Up Call

As the world begins to open back up and people begin to gather again, it’s only natural to feel optimistic. But this is America and our collective delusions won’t change reality. We’ve got a mass shooting problem, and as people resume their normal lives, the shootings will resume as well.

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31 Mar 2022


Two dozen individual consumers filed a massive lawsuit Monday in federal court in San Francisco alleging an antitrust conspiracy two years ago by big oil companies to curtail worldwide oil production in order to boost the price of gas. The defendants include Exxon Mobile Corporation, the world’s biggest oil company, Chevron Corporation, Phillips 66 Company, Occidental Petroleum, and a number of smaller oil companies.

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29 Mar 2022

Was Will Smith Justified?

No matter who you are or how little you care about Hollywood tabloid bullshit, you know Will Smith slapped the shit out of Chris Rock. And, like everything else that hits social media, people have opinions. And most of those opinions are stupid.  Here’s a summary of some of the

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24 Mar 2022

US Formally Declared Russian Military Have Committed War Crimes in Ukraine

Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a statement Wednesday that the US government has formally declared that Russian armed forces have committed war crimes in Ukraine. “Today, I can announce that, based on information currently available, the US government assesses that members of Russia’s forces have committed war crimes in

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22 Mar 2022

Why We Shouldn’t Advocate For War With Russia (or China)

The only type of news we get is bad news these days. 2020 felt like the beginning of a doomsday film that unfortunately turned into a franchise and no matter how badly we don’t want to watch the movies, we’re forced to. It’s like we all live in The Fast

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21 Mar 2022

California May Become “Sanctuary” for People Fleeing Texas and Florida

By Emily Hoeven California’s Democratic leaders have a message for Texans and Floridians opposed to their states’ stances on abortion, LGBTQ rights and gun control: You’re more than welcome in the Golden State. The latest offering came from Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener of San Francisco, who on Thursday announced

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15 Mar 2022

What To Do If Your Employer Tells You To Come Back To The Office

You may not realize this, but collectively, workers are strong as fuck. We’re the backbone of the entire economy. If the Covid-19 pandemic has proven anything, it’s that for the most part, offices are fucking pointless.   If you have to work, you’re a worker. I don’t care if you jerk

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