03 Mar 2022

The Most Popular Facebook Posts in Wartime Russia

By far the most popular posts this week on Facebook in Russia are anti-war.  The majority of the top 25 posts across Russian Facebook are by a Russian language media company stationed in Prague, Czech Republic called Current Time TV.  The #1 most engaged with post across Russia is a

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01 Mar 2022

California Lifts Indoor Mask Mandate for Unvaccinated People and Students

California will lift its indoor mask requirements Tuesday for unvaccinated people and March 12 for schools and child care facilities, state officials said Monday.

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01 Mar 2022

Elon Musk, Google and Mark Zuckerberg Have Plans For Our Future. Is That A Good Thing?

As time passes, real life appears to be less relevant than ever.  The only space that needs to be taken seriously is the digital space. Things like the Metaverse, Elon Musk’s brainchip, and Google’s billion dollar mission to “solve death” are all concepts that sound like plots in science fiction

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28 Feb 2022

Boycotting Russian Vodka Won’t Hurt Putin. Consider This Instead.

Other titles for this piece could be “What are you Putin in your Pantry?” and “What are you Russian to boycott?” So here we are. Putin has invaded Ukraine and has hinted at nuclear war with almost everyone else. Naturally, as Americans the first thing we want to do is

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24 Feb 2022

The SF Protest Against the Russian War in Ukraine

I’m sure many of you are wondering where the San Francisco protest against the the Russian was in Ukraine will be. Luckily Magsy tipped us off to this protest happening today at City Hall in San Francisco at 4pm. All this info comes from the FB event invite: We call

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24 Feb 2022

More than 180 Russian Scientists & Academics Demand Russia Stop Ukraine Invasion

Not all Russians support Putin’s attack on neighboring Ukraine.  Dozens of Russian TV personalities, artists and celebrities came out against the war this week, and now some of Russia’s finest academics and scientists published and signed a letter online condemning the attack on Ukraine and demanding an immediate ‘halt to

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16 Feb 2022

What They’re Not Telling You About Bay Area Starbucks Closures

Is your neighborhood Starbucks closed?  According to local news reports, several Starbucks locations are struggling with “staffing shortages.” Considering that we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic, this seems plausible. But there’s a larger story at play here that’s not making headlines.  Last December, employees at the Elmwood

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15 Feb 2022

Why Dr. Dre’s Halftime Show Nostalgia Was Exactly What America Needed

The last three years have been hard. Dr. Dre knows this. Despite the fact that he is not a licensed medical practitioner, he somehow gave us the medicine we needed: West Coast Gangsta Rap nostalgia.  The pandemic made us all long for a time when we could breathe next to

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