10 Jan 2008

That Sweet Stuff

Having a craving for something sweet but don’t feel like eating another god-damn Kit-Kat Bar?  Peep these gems.  One’s got free samples and the other sells gourmet doughnuts…seriously.    San Francisco:  Z.Cioccolato: 474 Columbus @ Green CANDY!!!!  If you feel like giving a subtle fuck you to your dentist, drop

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06 Jan 2008

I’m big in Japan

Well not really.  But I was looking today at all the countries from which I’ve gotten hits on my website, and I was totally blown away by all the random places where people have visited my site from.  Canada, Australia and the UK make sense; I’ve got a decent amount of friends

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03 Jan 2008

Welcome to 2008!

I’d just like to officially be the last person to wish you Happy New Year.  Did you have fun?  What did you do?  I went to some strange loft party in Bushwick, Brooklyn where they made a giant cardboard castle (not as cool as it sounds) and the DJ was

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20 Dec 2007

Free food!

I bet you get a little tired of my random rants  and wanna know about where to get some free food right?  I mean that’s one of the reason you come here isn’t it?  Ok well I’ve got something for my folks in both SF and NY. San Francisco: Maya: 303

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10 Dec 2007

Happy Fucking Holidays

I’ve had a friend in from Spain this week, and since FAO Schwartz is the biggest toy store I’ve ever seen, I figured that I had to take her so she could see it for herself. It only took about 20 minutes before they threatened to 86 me from the

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19 Nov 2007

Hey ya

Thanks to everyone who came out to the release party, it was amazing! What, you couldn’t make it? No worries, you can buy the book right now (look to the right.) And guess what? I’ll have the photos up very soon so you can see what you missed (not to

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