10 Mar 2016

9 GIFs That Prove How Hard Sally Field Rocks At Life

We recently chatted up Sally Field and her words were so inspiring that we set them to animated GIFs of her most memorable movie moments. Her new film Hello My Name is Doris is Sally Field’s first starring role in more than 20 years, after starting as Gidget and The Flying

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10 Mar 2016

How to Decode CraigsList ‘Housing Wanted’

The housing ads and conversations threaded with pitfalls and traps to catch you out and prove you are not worthy of this apartment/room/sublet.

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09 Mar 2016

Trump Suffers HUUUGGEE Defeat in Music Battle on Streets of New Orleans

When Donald Drumpf flew to New Orleans last Friday for a rally on the eve of the Louisiana Primary, a giant brass band, backed by Drumpfet/vuvuzela-wielding supporters, dancers, and protestors, swarmed the rally grounds like a guerilla army of peace, love, and understanding.

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09 Mar 2016

Bernie Scores Historic Upset : Proves Mainstream Media is a Joke

  All the pundits, pollsters, & papers had it wrong.  Bernie Sanders took Michigan From Hillary Clinton 50 to 48.  The statisticians tried to find a similar upset in modern political history and they couldn’t, most of them were predicting Hillary in a landslide, a victory by 25 points.  Nobody’s ever been

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08 Mar 2016

Celebrity Lookalikes on SF MUNI

The celebrity doppelgangers that live amongst us…and take the bus

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07 Mar 2016

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back From Your Landlord

Ask a Tenants Right’s Lawyer is your chance to learn how to survive as a renter in San Francisco. Attorney Daniel Wayne has a lot of the information you need to keep you in your home. This month’s topic: How your broke ass can get your security deposit back. For an

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07 Mar 2016

Louis C.K. Calls Trump “Insane Bigot” and “Hitler”

Over the weekend the brilliant comedian Louis C.K. wrote an email calling Donald Trump an “insane bigot” and “Hitler”. He also said the US was turning into “Germany in the 30s”. It’s an interesting letter and Louis makes some sharp and wonderful points, as usual. It actually reminds me of

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04 Mar 2016

This Week’s Interesting News

Stats on US Single Ladies, Porn Data, Millennial Salaries & other interesting stories and commentary from the week

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