28 Oct 2015

The 5 Worst Halloween Costumes For 2015

This year, in particular, has had its large share of pop culture and human culture events that can only result in terrible costume ideas. These are exactly the costumes that the worst dredges of our society will insist are funny and therefore appropriate to wear at every house party, bar and street corner they can find to harass the rest of us innocent bystanders.

Candace Cui - Actual Unicorn 2
27 Oct 2015

Fiddler’s Green Rumored to Close This Week

Fiddler’s Green is a bright spot in the tourist addled cluster of Fisherman’s Wharf. The bar serves quality corned beef, shows Irish sports and knows how to pour a pint of Guinness properly

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 3
26 Oct 2015

Video: How To Vote in the San Francisco 2015 Election

Curious about what the important issues are and how you should vote in this years Election?  We made it painless to do your research.  Remember Voting day is November 3rd 2015!  And for a complete guide to voting for every single thing on the ballet check out our text voting guide here.

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 0
26 Oct 2015

Dear Airbnb, We’re Dumping You. Love, San Francisco Tax Payers

Dear Air BnB: Last night, you had a little too much to drink and told me how you really felt…
A couple days ago, signs and large billboards appeared throughout our beautiful embattled city. A few sentences and a simple white text lying atop a very astringent red. I haven’t seen so few words speak with such volume in a long time.

Jamal Frederick - Second Hand Scribe 38
23 Oct 2015

Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza Talks ‘Phantasm: Halloween at the Armory’

There’s plenty of Halloween parties this year, but there’s only one Halloween party at the Armory and it’s the only one with Rob Garza from Thievery Corporation spinning. This year’s Armory Halloween bash also boasts Syd Gris and the Vau de Vire Society all vamping it up together for Phantasm: A

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training 0
21 Oct 2015

Celebrities, Whiskey & Brilliant Minds at the JCCSF This Season

JCCSF Arts & Ideas has a full calendar of interesting shows, talks, and tastings this year. Celebrities, writers and experts in all walks of life are on the schedule and tickets are going fast. Learn everything there is to know about Whiskey, hangout with actor Wendell Pierce from The Wire, checkout famous authors, actors & restaurateurs

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap 0
20 Oct 2015

Broke-Ass Hair “Tips” From A Hair Genius

Just cause you’re broke, doesn’t mean your hair has to pay too. 5 tips on how to help your hair on the cheap, from dope SF stylist Arzo Nazamy

Alexandra Liss - Couchsurfer Extraordinaire 0
20 Oct 2015

Vote Yes on Prop I : Ask A Tenants Rights Attorney

The Mission Moratorium, the halt on new luxury developments in San Francisco’s Mission district is a hot bed issue. Big developers hate the idea, the majority of San Francisco’s supervisors and mission residents support it, this is why

Daniel Wayne - Tenant's Rights Attorney 3