20 Oct 2015

Broke-Ass Hair “Tips” From A Hair Genius

Just cause you’re broke, doesn’t mean your hair has to pay too. 5 tips on how to help your hair on the cheap, from dope SF stylist Arzo Nazamy

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20 Oct 2015

Vote Yes on Prop I : Ask A Tenants Rights Attorney

The Mission Moratorium, the halt on new luxury developments in San Francisco’s Mission district is a hot bed issue. Big developers hate the idea, the majority of San Francisco’s supervisors and mission residents support it, this is why

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19 Oct 2015

Local Literary Superstars in Bookstores

Jesse Prado once said: ‘Hosting a blog is like being Batman. No one cares.’ You could probably say the same thing about being a creative writer. Like, we all think we’re pretty amazing (seriously, we all think we’re hot shit) and we all think we are doing a vital service

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18 Oct 2015

All Over Coffee By Paul Madonna

The Eviction Series
Chapter 8
Someone nudged me and I woke up. I was standing in line at a cafe and had apparently been spacing out. I can’t tell you for how long I’d been there, and really, I don’t even remember coming in

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16 Oct 2015

Artists You Shouldn’t Miss At Open Studios Wknd 1

San Francisco’s 40th annual Open Studios kicks off this weekend! Hundreds of SF local artists will opening up their work space to hangout with you for the next 4 weekends. Here are the artists you should definitely not miss

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16 Oct 2015

Both Museum & Protest are FREE at de Young

The de Young is Free Saturday to Celebrate 10 years in the ‘copper colossus’. The protest of one of its curators is FREE too

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15 Oct 2015

Where to Get a Pumpkin in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Most of you are not going to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival this weekend. Most of you still want a jack-o-lantern on your porch this Halloween season. There are several old-school, total Halloween-spirit pumpkin patches in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area where you can buy a carving

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14 Oct 2015

Dia de los Muertos : Do It The Right Way

We’re showing you the significance of the holiday, as well as where to get the best make-up and costume tips. And remember, Dia de los Muertos IS NOT MEXICAN HALLOWEEN…bro

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