07 Jun 2010

Cheap Booze, Food, and Bras at Jeremy’s Ale House

How much is a quart? The answer is 32 ounces (thanks Google), but I’d like to officially tell the British “Fuck you” for sticking us with a shitty system of measurement. That being said, Jeremy’s sells quarts of Busch beer for $5 a pop. That’s good shit (the deal not

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01 Jun 2010

Old Town Bar & Restaurant – Keeping it Very Old School

This photo was taken at the Old Town Bar and Restaurant by Nicki Ishmael during one of the shoots for my NYC book. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this site is just as much about the search for glimpses of old New York as it is about

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25 May 2010

Foodswings: Cheap Vegan Fast Food in Brooklyn

Cheap vegan fast food? What the fuck? I thought vegan food was all about lengthy meals involving earth tones, tea sipping, deep conversation, and hugs that last just a little too long for comfort. Oh wait, I forgot that it’s not just hippies that are veganing out these days, somehow

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17 May 2010

St. Jerome’s in the Lower East Side

I had a roommate when I first moved to New York who occasionally played records here. One night she came to my room and said, “Hey I’m gonna go DJ at this place called St. Jerome’s tonight. Do you wanna come?” When I answered that I was too poor, she

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30 Apr 2010

Fried Dumpling

The only English words the ladies at Fried Dumpling know are ‘œHow Many?’ And that’s enough, because the answer is usually five. Yes friends, you get five of the best dumplings you’ve ever had for $1. And apparently instead of change they give you dumplings. I bought a 75-cent coke

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27 Apr 2010

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

This is an excerpt from my NYC book Visiting the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. suddenly cheapened my entire childhood experience. Before that moment, I had thought that tying my blankey around my neck when I was a five year old and pretending I was Superman was cute and imaginative; now

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23 Apr 2010

The Famed Polish Hot Loaf from Warsaw Bakery

Ah yes, the Polish Hot Loaf. This illusive Greenpoint special can only be gotten from roughly 10pm-2am, and requires patience and adherence to the rules. You must wait until the roller door is half open and then knock three times, peek your little head under it, and ask for a

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09 Apr 2010

An Ode to The Port Authority Bus Terminal

Bus terminals in any city are always special places. They are crossroads for all the grifters, drifters, deviants, dead beats and drug addled zombies who circulate through this country, from city to city, doing whatever the fuck it is that they do. The Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) runs with

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