04 Oct 2009

The Blarney Stone

photo courtesy of the fine people over at Midtown Lunch This is what I’m fucking talking about!  The Overlook up the street wanted $4 for a PBR and here you can get a 22oz. glass of Sam Adams for $4.  Shame on you Overlook, shame, shame (yes I’m wagging my

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24 Sep 2009

The Patriot Saloon

Anna gave her account of this place a few months back.  I just thought I’d weigh in with mine as well: Recently liberated bras dangle from the ceiling, bearing silent witness to the mayhem below, while drunk young things struggle to hear each other’s pickup lines over intolerably loud country

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20 Aug 2009

Russ & Daughter’s in the Lower East Side

The above photo is from Greenwich Village Daily Photo Ok so you moved to New York from ________ and back there you really didn’t know a lot of Jewish people.  Sure you went to that Rubinstein kid’s bar mitzvah in 7th grade, but other than him and a couple Chinese

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21 Nov 2007


A cute and tiny place, Westville is supposed to seem like a random restaurant in the countryside instead of a spot in the middle of Manhattan. It’s pretty hard to imagine yourself out of the West Village though when you look out the window and see a man in hot

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