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NYC Parks Are Free and have other free things

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Despite gusty winds,  yesterday was a beautiful day.  Still, a bunch of us Mainers and a handful of Arkansans/Arkansanites/Arkansanivians  expressed guarded optimism,  the memory of past teaser days lingering.  Sure, 60 and sunny in January is no cause to lift expectations.   You take it at face value, maybe get a stupid sunburn and don’t tear up in the morning when you need to put on the union suit again. But in the Northeast, when you start moving into March and April, nature needs to be careful about cockteasing because we have had just about enough of this blustery shit.   Girls are wanting to wear their skirts and guys are wanting them to, too. The week looks pretty good, so embracing my inner Courtney Love, I’m approaching the situation in a rational, measured manner.  You know, just burning my scarves, giving away my Swiss Miss, and wearing bright red lip stick .  To celebrate the ecstasy of blind optimism here is some info on the parks of NYC, where there are a ton of nerdy things to do.  Of course, you can always enjoy less interactive activities like sitting or walking.

Today, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation is  listing 1,020 free events between today and Decemeber 2010.  The events happen across all of the boroughs and fall into the following categories: Arts, Athletic, Cultural, Educational, Accessibility, Tour, Natures, Kids, Volunteers, and “Must-See” – excluding European ex-pats who haven’t adjusted sunbathing practices).  Some of the free offerings sound awesome, like birding tours and making your own herb garden for your home.  Also, if your parents are in town or something, there are many fee-events that you can check out.  And of course there are the festivals and unlisted drunken bbqs with friends and random people who become friends when you catch them trying to poach a burger. “Oh, sorry dude.  I thought this was a public thing!”

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