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Brunch with Mom: Some Lists

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If you’re mother is not in New York, you can escape the day with a skype call and an e-card from BlueMountain and laugh all the way to the bank.  Then cry at the bank when you realize you still have no money. Then, go home and watch the Married With Children marathon on Spike.  Kidding, there is nothing my mother would find more revolting.

If your mother IS in New York, you will probably be doing some brunch thing because that is what people here seem to do. Because I’m lazy, and about to pick out an e-card and jump on a skype call, check out some Mother’s Day brunch lists here, here (look for the $, not the $$$), here, and here. The 1st, from NY Mag’s Grub Street, is the best.  The others are fluff.

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