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Openly Mock Labyrinth Live

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Full Nerd disclosure here, I’ve seen Labyrinth more times then I care to admit. Is it the appeal of David Bowie’s unabashed bulge on display or Jim Henson’s puppet mastery, maybe a little of both. Either way, this movie is ripe for comedy, so if you enjoy mocking your old childhood idols, join the Raspberry Brothers this Sunday for a comedic breakdown of this eighties cultural gem.

Think Mystery Science Theater, minus the talking robots and old Godzilla movies. These comics tour the country and take on beloved flicks from Snakes on a Plane to Twilight, leaving nothing but some tears and laughter in their wake. I’m just sad I missed the Garden State screening, just looking at Zac Braff’s face makes my insides hurt. Despite the silly name, the Raspberry Brothers have some serious comedy credits to their name, with writing gigs at SNL (sometimes it’s funny!) to the Onion. So you don’t have to worry about paying $5 and being stuck with some NYU film student nerds talking about Jennifer Connelly’s prepubescent rack. And lucky for you, singing along is encouraged, because Dance Magic Dance is just too damn catchy.

The Raspberry Brothers presents: Labyrinth
Sunday, January 3
Knitting Factory
361 Metropolitan Ave (at Havemeyer St) [Williamsburg]
6:15 PM

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

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    DANCE MAGIC DANCE! and the baby says…

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