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In Praise of the "Obama Special"

People have done a lot of crazy shit in honor of Barack Obama. Some made (NSFW) art , some had sex, and others, for the first time in their lives, took the time to watch the 2008 presidential election on television.

But, for the average broke-ass, all of that’s inconsequential. Where’s the change we can really believe in?

In the Bronx, apparently.

Settled just a few blocks away from the Bronx Zoo, La Pentola is only a brief ride away on a north-bound 2 train. The Village Voice recognized La Pentola for its achievements in the Buffalo Chicken pizza category back in 2007 – but times have changed since then: We’ve grown broker.

Which is why we are focusing on La Pentola’s efforts at spreading the joy of the cheap slice. We’ve written previously of the wonders of the $1 pizza, and settled, unequivocally, on the conclusion that it is a gift to the broke and downtrodden. In a city where the slice’s status quo rings in at a painful $2.50, the dollar slice is a piece of heaven itself.

La Pentola improves on this winning formula in what is likely the only way possible – by naming it for Obama. With the “Obama Special” cheese slices cost exactly a dollar. No fools when it comes to finance, though, the owners of La Pentola cap the cheap cheesiness at three slices. A sound business choice to be sure.

La Pentola Pizzeria
2130 White Plains Road
Bronx, NY 10462

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